Ontario’s attorney general looks to clear provincial court backlog


TORONTO — Ontario’s attorney general says the province is working on ways to clear a backlog of court cases caused by pandemic shutdowns.

Doug Downey says Ontario has been using an online early resolution process to resolve more cases quickly

He says that more developments on early resolution mechanisms will be announced “in the early fall.”

Ontario’s provincial offences courts had to suspend in-person trials and hearings earlier in the pandemic due to the risk posed by COVID-19.

Downey also says the provincial government is in ongoing discussions with the judiciary and municipal clerks to find ways to work through all backlogged cases.

Downey was asked about the buildup of cases during a virtual forum at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s annual general meeting.



  1. Art & Ellen:

    This has nothing to do with C-75… this is provincial offences court not criminal court. I’s a backlog of traffic tickets and liquor licence breaches.

  2. Bill C75 was introduced in March of 2018
    Way before Covid19
    It has made Criminals untouchable and given them more rights than Hard working tax paying Citizens
    Yes it has to go Sooner than later!!!!!

  3. Hopefully this will get rid of the endless squawking about bill C75.

    PROVINCIAL backlogs are why catch and release exists and why C75 is here to stay, even with a Conservative government.

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