UPDATED: PUC – Thunderstorm temporarily knocks out power to 8,000 customers

Power Outage

Update @ 2:45 p.m.

PUC’s twitter account states that power is still out for 1,800 customers. Crews are currently working to repair the issue and restore power to customers affected.


At 1:57 p.m., PUC reported an unplanned electrical service interruption to 8,000 customers in the east and west ends of the city as well as the P-Patch area due to storm front which hit the area.

The interruption only lasted about 15 minutes before power was restored to all customers.

PUC is advising customers who may still be without power to please call the PUC Emergency number at 759-6555.



  1. Our power was out behind Millies for nearly a good hour. Certainly not the 15 mins the article states. Not complaining about it, just curious where that info came from?

  2. No sooner than they were done removing all of the meat from the shelves and covering the refrigerated displays at the grocery store with plastic, the power came back on, of course.

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