SAH President – CEO Steps Down

Sault Area Hospital

Sault Area Hospital will soon be seeking a new President and CEO.

Wendy Hansson who has held the position for the last two years has stepped down  as of yesterday.

Hansson , who is originally from the Sault, took over as President and CEO in July 2019.

The hospital says it will start a recruitment for a replacement. Over the next two weeks the hospital’s V.P. and CFO, Lil Silvano will serve as as interim President, CEO.


    • She violated non-travel orders during a pandemic. She should have been fired then.
      Once again taxpayers will likely get the shaft for the actions of someone who believes they are better than everyone else.

  1. We may never know what’s behind this departure. When her travel to/from BC during a pandemic was an issue it was reported, “The hospital did not say how many times Hansson travelled, while indicating it will not be “commenting further at this time.” “
    Nothing more was asked/offered. The Board believes it knows best and will decide what we need to know. Seems no one will challenge that.

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