SAH To Implement Mandatory Vaccine Policy


Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is committed to ensuring a safe environment for our patients, visitors and health care workers. To that end, SAH has updated its current COVID-19 Health Care Worker Management Policy to reflect the latest directive (Directive #6) from the Ministry of Health. Effective September 7, SAH will implement a Mandatory Health Care Worker Vaccine Policy.

In accordance with Directive #6 from the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario, SAH will require that all new employees, volunteers, physicians, students, medical learners and contractors comply with our new vaccination policy. The new policy requires proof of full vaccination against COVID-19, or proof of a satisfactory medical exclusion by a physician or nurse practitioner. For individuals with medical exclusions, SAH will require that they submit to rapid antigen point of care (POC) testing twice a week.

SAH has excellent vaccination rates with 90% of our employees fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Our new policy requires any current SAH employee who is not yet fully vaccinated to submit to regular rapid antigen POC testing (minimum of twice weekly) and provide verification of the negative test result. In addition to the rapid antigen POC testing requirements, current employees who are not yet fully vaccinated (for any reason other than medical) must also provide proof of completion of an education session approved by SAH, as well as a consultation session with our Occupational Health team.

The addition of mandatory vaccination for health care workers at SAH will further strengthen safety measures to protect our patients, health care workers, and our community. The hospital will continue to monitor vaccination rates and changes in the community, and will reassess the policy in the coming months.

SAH would like to thank our community for their ongoing support of our health care workers as we prepare for the fourth wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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  1. Whatever happened to freedom of choice ? We do have a Constitution and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms .Are these Corporations and GOVERNMENT controlled Hospitals exempt from the Constitution and Charter of Rights znd Freedoms ?We are being forced slowly to comply with what the Marxist idiology of these government controled agencies.

  2. ALL ONTARIO EMPLOYEES and STUDENTS, in fact, all legal age Ontarians, are protected under the Health Care Consent Act (HCCA) and DO NOT NEED TO VACCINATE OR SUBMIT TO ANY TESTING!

    In the event you are terminated due to non compliance, you are entitled to any resulting financial losses, including all wages, pension and benefits.

    • No. If you are terminated without cause you are entitled to a severance that is dependent on length of service (assuming you’ve completed your probationary period). If you are fired with cause, for example by not complying with a condition of employment like being vaccinated, you are entitled to nothing.

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