Sault Police Concerned Over High Number Of Speeding On Area Roads


Recently we have been receiving an increased number of complaints about speeding on area roads, specifically in 50 kilometre per hour (kph) zones.

All motorists, unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in Sault Ste. Marie is 50 kph. On July 1, 2021 Stunt Driving regulations under the Highway Traffic Act changed. Stunt Driving now includes driving 40 kilometres per hour (kph) over any posted limit below 80 kph. In addition, driving 50 kph over any posted limit above 80kph is stunt driving.

First time convictions may now include;

  • Minimum fine of $2,000 (maximum $10,000);
  • Jail term of up to six months;
  • Six demerit points;
  • Driver’s licence suspension of at least one year and up to three years; and
  • Mandatory driver education training.

If you are charged for stunt driving your vehicle will immediately be impounded for 14 days. The average fee to have your vehicle towed and impounded for 14 days is $1,400.

Officers are on patrol daily using both moving and stationary radar to monitor traffic safety in Sault Ste. Marie and Prince Township. Obeying speed limits, traffic laws and driving according to road conditions are all ways to keep motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safer on area roadways.

In Ontario, driving is a privilege, not a right. Violating the Highway Traffic Act may result in you losing that privilege.


  1. The Sault area police are looking at a automated ticket issuing process. If they do subscribe to this system, they’ll only require drivers license and insurance before a ticket is mailed to the offender. This will obviously speed up the current hand written system that is in desperate need of updating.

  2. Red light cameras are a bad idea but it would be funny to see the people who wanted them whining about their tickets. Cross the white line at a red? Ticket. Don’t completely stop before turning right on a red? Ticket. Yes some areas are out of hand but going over the top with cameras is too much. Maybe throw a big jump, I mean speed bump on some of the 50km/h or lower posted roads

    • Some intersections already have cameras like Pine and Wellington, Great Northern and Northern and several others I’ve noticed in passing, not sure what their purpose is, possibly to rewind and watch how collisions occurred when there are no witnesses.

    • Ask Alberta about cameras and the goverments cash grab with photo radar first it’s lights then they are everywhere the government in Alberta admitted it was a cash grab go ahead and open this door and the first 15 over ticket you get puts you back 100 dollars pretty good money to put towards a kids tuition or present or fill your tank

  3. And up here in the chapple-Albion housing projects we have a young fool riding a modified dirt bike of some kind at all hours of the day and night..Not only noisy , but no plates, no insurance, no helmet, and sometimes with two or more people on it at the same time..And we have a very close police presense here most of the day because of the drug problems.. Can’t understand why this idiot isn’t caught… But I guess it’s not high- profdile…..

  4. When I read stuff like this I always wonder. My father was a police office many years ago. The city is divided into patrols(areas). During the day there was one care per patrol and during the night two. There were also a couple of radar cars out as well. My question is this. The cost of our police services has been rising but we are seeing fewer patrol cars on the road. Where are all these officers? Maybe get them off these special assignments and get them back on patrol. It is simple – an increased police presence will help deter crime whether it is speeding or theft.

  5. I agree with bbb…..
    Set them to nail people travelling at these crazy speeds…. Avoid the occasional 5-10 over as sometimes we all creep up before noticing… but nail the hi-rollers

  6. Yep, it’s the i500-speedway on Second Line/Great Northern Road..and too boot they have a middle lane for those really hot-to-trot drivers to pass everyone, then swerve back-in really fast. They should be in the movies their so good. Not sure we’re they got their license from, but theirs are unconditional. Best part is that they are no doubt the cause of the majority of accidents blaming the other person, and walking away feeling proud. Everyone creeps over speed-limit 5, maybe 10/km at times. But 20-30 km is nuts/crazy folks… hopefully most people can afford to install cameras to nail these people as the police can’t seem to stop it with out our help… I’m installing one and I’ll be sending in videos of the nuts… anyhow, that’s my 2cents worth

  7. Number one concern is eastern Bay street where cars trucks and motorcycles easily reach speeds of 150 km/h or more on the newly paved side by side quarter mile drag strip. There is ZERO speed enforcement, EVER. Someone will be killed, it’s just a matter of time.

    • City council was requested many times to consider it and they declined each time claiming the cost to administer was far too high and they believed the majority of tickets would never be paid.
      Remember, this is Sewer Ste Marie where there are lots of unlicensed drivers due to unpaid fines, impaired drivers, etc.

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