Second Line jammed after serious collision (12 photos)

Images from the collision on second line west, August 16, 2021 (Dan Gray/

If you are headed east on Second Line, anywhere past Great Northern Road, you are probably experiencing delays.

At approximately 3:10 p.m., Emergency Services were called to the intersection of Pine Street and Second Line East, for reports of a rollover collision.

Upon arrival, a vehicle on its roof was visible, as well as another, this one facing across the westbound lanes of Second Line East.

Both vehicles were quickly cleared and, upon our arrival, no people were left inside the damaged automobiles. There is no word on cause or the extent of any injuries.

The roadway remains blocked while clean-up is continuing.

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  1. Another job creator for the body shops, tow truck operators, first responders, auto manufacturers, scrap yards. This one needs to run in the next elections.

  2. The gentleman in the vehicle that was flipped was not injured and the lady in the white vehicle had minor injuries and a sore chest from the air bags. Thank God no one was hurt because they were both going pretty fast.

  3. It was crazy, I was behind the white vehicle when she went through. I helped her out of her vehicle, She said her brakes didn’t work. It did look like that because she didn’t slow down at all.

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