Sheehan – A Cleaner, Greener Future: The Liberal Climate Plan

A city showing the effect of Climate Change

A re-elected Liberal government will move forward to accelerate climate action for more jobs, cleaner communities, and less pollution.

The Liberal climate plan is a jobs plan. It is building, and will continue to build, a green recovery to create jobs and grow the middle class, while ensuring a cleaner future for our children and grandchildren. Climate change is the greatest long term threat of our time, but it is also our greatest economic opportunity — and Canada has the skilled workforce, innovative spirit, and natural resources at our fingertips to succeed. But we need to keep moving forward.

“A serious plan for the environment is a plan for the economy,” said Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. “We have done more to fight climate change and protect our environment than any other government in Canadian history, and our plan has created new jobs and growth across the country. But we can’t stop now. We can’t go back to the inaction of the Harper years. A cleaner and greener future is within our reach.”

Terry Sheehan, Liberal Candidate for Sault and area states, “The climate crisis is real, it is an emergency, it presents an existential crisis to all of us.  I am prepared to fight this emergency with passion, following the best science and capitalizing on our real climate plan.”

Earlier this summer Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government made the single largest investment in the Sault’s history, pledging more than 400 million dollars to transform Algoma Steel into a greener, cleaner steel producer.  This exemplified a commitment to the Sault and area as well as to the environment.

Sheehan went on to say, “I have been working hard to protect the health and safety of the Sault and area, fighting to protect jobs and create new opportunities.  Our climate plan is an extension of this effort. Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives say they will dial back our climate targets by 15 percent, essentially tearing up the climate commitments we made to the world community in Paris. That’s not leadership, period.  Where has he been this summer?  Has he not seen the horrific fires in BC, witnessed the struggles of farmers and ranchers out west? The Conservatives have no plan to tackle the climate crisis head on, we do.”

A re-elected Liberal government will accelerate climate action to continue to create more jobs, cleaner communities, and less pollution:

  • More jobs: We will create new, middle class jobs for Canadians by making Canada a world leader in batteries to power the clean economy, helping industries adopt clean technologies to cut pollution, and supporting all workers to ensure no one is left behind.
  • Cleaner communities: We will create cleaner communities with cleaner air, by providing $5,000 toward zero emission vehicle purchases for over half a million Canadians, building 50,000 more zero emission vehicle chargers, requiring at least half of all passenger vehicles sold in Canada to be zero emission by 2030 and all to be zero emission by 2035, and charting a path toward net-zero buildings across the country, which will help Canadians save on their energy costs.
  • Less pollution: We will build a net-zero electricity grid by 2035, ensure we drive down emissions from oil and gas to meet our shared goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, and continue to phase-out coal by ending thermal coal exports by 2030.

This builds on the work that the Liberal team has been doing since 2015 to fight climate change and grow the economy, by:

  • Putting a price on pollution and more money in the pockets of hard working Canadians;
  • Making zero emission vehicles more affordable and accessible for Canadians, through rebates of $5,000 and more charging stations across the country;
  • Investing historic amounts in public transit, supporting over 1,300 projects;
  • Protecting a historic amount of our nature, including lands 3.5 times the size of Nova Scotia; and
  • Advancing a ban on harmful single-use plastics and moving forward with our plan to end plastic waste by 2030.

“Even with wildfires increasing in frequency and severity across western Canada, Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives deny the existence of climate change,” said Mr. Trudeau. “If Erin O’Toole is in charge, it’s no surprise he would take us backward on climate action – and the good jobs that go with it. We can’t afford to go back to the Harper years that left workers behind and put our future in danger. We need to keep moving Canada forward – for everyone.”


  1. Folks it’s time to put trudeau’s liberals in the rear view mirror !!! This outrageous, idiotic concoction to save the world, on the backs of you, the Canadian taxpayer, is about a pompous ignoramous who has no concept of what we, ordinary citizens, have to go through each and every day. The budget does not balance itself in our households junior !!!!! This trudeau guy wants to be handed the Nobel peace prize, for generosity, again, on the backs of you and me, the Canadian taxpayer. How this self righteous guy still has support, with all the shinanigans he’s pulled off, both ethical & criminal like, is beyond my comprehension. Folks, please cast your vote on Sept. 20. Our kids & grandkids are counting on us. 🙏🙏🙏

  2. According to Sheehan’s voting record, Terry voted against an accountability bill for transparency with Canada’s greenhouse gas emission targets.
    When a government votes against accountability that doesn’t speak volumes, it screams volumes.
    Why is this government so afraid of Canadians being able to see what they’re doing?

  3. The only thing the Trudeau’s Liberal government will do is accelerate is our taxes and immigration so they will vote for him. Remember that pipeline he bought so the natives could receive Royalties from the oil revenues. What did that cost the Canadian population…2 Billion.. no pipeline so it’s in some-ones pocket. All the Liberals do is to lie and shit on the Canadian taxpayer. The Liberal Government and Canadian taxpayers relationship is more akin to cattle in a coral to be used and slathered when it suits them.

  4. Other than babbling about a whole lot of fake promises, what has Sheehan done for the Sault?
    He and his Lieberal buddiea are intent on destroying Canada completely if re elected
    Time to get rid of this overweight dufus for sure

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