Sheehan Address Senior Support

Prime Minister and MP Terry Sheehan are seen here at Big Lake Cafe, July 5, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Earlier today Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party Leader, announced that a re-elected Liberal government will move forward to deliver more support for the most vulnerable seniors and continue to make retirement more comfortable and affordable for everyone.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for Canada’s seniors. Many were isolated from their families or experienced unacceptable conditions in long-term care homes. Seniors deserve a safe and comfortable retirement after a lifetime of work, but for too many in Canada, paying their bills and putting food on the table is still a challenge.

“Canadians need to feel confident that as they or their parents age, they will be safe and comfortable,” said Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. “That’s why we’re delivering a permanent increase of $500 to help the most vulnerable seniors, and why we’ve been supporting a more affordable and comfortable retirement since 2015. We have to keep moving forward for Canadian seniors.”

“As a country we have to do all we can to demonstrate our concern and appreciation for our seniors and provide what we can to ensure they enjoy a good quality of life.  We also have to show our appreciation for those who help care for them,” said Terry Sheehan, Liberal Candidate for Sault and Area.  Sheehan goes on to state, “Seniors across the Sault will benefit from our permanent increase to the GIS and an additional $1500 tax credit, to help seniors stay in their homes longer.  And, our ‘Multigenerational Home Renovation Tax Credit’ will be of great benefit to those families who care for elderly loved ones.”

A re-elected Liberal government will continue to make life more comfortable and affordable for Canada’s seniors by:

●      Permanently increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) by $500 annually for single seniors and $750 for senior couples, starting at the age of 65, benefiting 2.2 millions seniors;

●      Working with the provinces and territories to improve long-term care to ensure that seniors are guaranteed the care they deserve, no matter where they live;

●      Doubling the Home Accessibility Tax Credit, which will provide up to an additional $1,500 to help seniors stay in their homes longer by making them more accessible; and

●      Introducing the Multigenerational Home Renovation tax credit to support families looking to add a secondary unit to their homes to allow a family member to live with them.

This builds on the actions the Liberal government has already taken to make life more affordable for seniors both before and during the pandemic, including:

●      Restoring the retirement age to 65 from 67 after the Conservatives raised it;

●      Increasing the GIS for 900,000 seniors and lifting about 57,000 out of poverty;

●      Providing more than $900 for single seniors and $1,500 for senior couples, on top of regular benefits, for low-income seniors to get through the pandemic;

●      Delivering a one-time payment of $500 for seniors 75 and over; and

●      Increasing the Old Age Security (OAS) pension by 10 per cent for 3.3 million seniors 75 and over.

“We had seniors’ backs through the pandemic – supporting them when they needed it the most. The last time the Conservatives were in power, they unfairly increased the retirement age for hard working Canadians, nearly putting 100,000 seniors aged 65 and 66 into poverty every year. We can’t move backward with Conservative cuts for seniors again. We have to keep moving forward – for everyone.”


  1. I would like to known what knowledge did Mr. Trudeau have in the death of the murdered Billionaire Barry and Honey Sherman. Barry Sherman was also involved in SNC-Lavalin and died just a few days after Mr. Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation was launch. Canadians will never what impact a guilty verdict against billionaire Mr. Barry Sherman would of had on Justin Trudeau. One person needs a lot of fingers to count the number of scandals PM Trudeau has had during his tenure as PM of Canada. Some are well known but many more has been entirely neglected by Liberal Oriented Canadian media. The point is that Mr. Trudeau seems to consider himself above the law and that Canadians are to used for his own personal goals.

  2. Only weeks before Trudeau announced a snap election he quietly gave media outlets $61 million in “relief funds”.
    Buying coverage and bias.
    Media has never been busier with all their hourly covid hype clickbait fear mongering. Like they need relief funds.

  3. Still more of the same BS. It’s very worrisome that there are some people that still believe him. Mr. Trudeau controls the major media in Canada so accessing truthful news is impossible . There’s a news story in the news today stating Mr. Ford is MIA regarding vaccines in Canada . People are smart enough to know that this is coming from Mr. Trudeaus’ office. The real truth is that Mr. Trudeau hates White Canadians .If you didn’t already know Mr. Trudeau is a Algonquin Indian and he blames present day White Canadians for all the sins real or imagined that our forefathers inflicted on native peoples when they settled in Canada. If you already haven’t noticed Mr. Trudeau has only mentioned White Canadians once since he was elected PM of Canada. Mr. Trudeau has plans for Canada if he is re-elected and Canadians are not going to like it , even members of his own party are worried about the direction Mr. Trudeau is taking Canada but are unable to stop him.

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