Terry Sheehan, Liberal incumbent looking forward to respectful, exciting campaign


With yesterday’s call of a Federal election, slated for September 20, Sault Liberal candidate and incumbent Terry Sheehan says he is excited to meet voters and discuss the future of our communities and country, “I’m looking forward to greeting and speaking with constituents across the Sault and area over the next several weeks and I’m also welcoming the opportunity to compare our plan to those of my colleagues in other parties.”

“There is one thing I know, that when Justin Trudeau first ran for Prime Minister and he visited the Sault, he said upon his departure, that he’d be back. Well, he has been, several times over the past few years, most recently in July when he announced an historic investment of more than $400 million to Algoma Steel, to transform the company into a greener, cleaner steel producer. This shows our commitment to not only our community, but to the battle against climate change, which is an existential threat to the world.”

The Liberal Government, over the years that Sheehan has been the MP for Sault Ste. Marie, has invested more than $750 million in the area to support local businesses, large and small, secure the future of our post-secondary institutions and support infrastructure in our local communities and to keep our schools safe. Most recently, supports that the government put in place, and Sheehan worked hard to secure were the various programs to support families, individuals and businesses through the pandemic.

Sheehan says, “I have been incredibly proud of the Sault and Area over these past 18 months.  Families, businesses and our frontline workers have demonstrated tremendous resilience throughout the pandemic. We have modelled to the country how communicating clearly, teamwork and a commitment to following public health guidance works, to navigate as responsibly as possible, through the Covid-19 pandemic”.

“Yesterday was a great day at the doors, and I look forward to seeing more voters in the weeks to come to discuss our plan to fight the climate crisis and position our community for a bright future.”


  1. I don’t care what you think of Trudeau, Terry Sheehan has worked hard for sault ste. marie especially when contrasted with guys who disappeared after the election like conservatives Bryan Hayes and Ross Romano.

    Factor in that their climate change denying, covid denying, religious right back benchers and the cons ater unelectable… and it’s showing in the polls! The conservatives aren’t recruiting any young supporters and are even starting to lose the boomers. Literally the only thing keeping the conservative party afloat Alberta and the “angry white male” demographic.

    It’s not likely this election bit the conservatives will be 3rd party status soon.

  2. I’ll give Terry one vote for every time he replied to me when I reached out to him, which is zero.
    He disappointed me deeply listening to what he said in town hall meetings, just toeing the party line and giving doubletalk when asked pointed questions about Sault Ste Marie.

  3. Respect is given where respect is due. Terry, you and your party do not deserve respect whatsoever. It’s time for change and you are not part lf it.

  4. GOOD POINT John!!!
    I’m voting PC for the 1st time in my life…I’m SOOOOO SICK of Trudeau and his band of bandits!
    Not saying PC’s or any other party are any better but the liberals have proven what they can do…so why not let someone else have a shot.
    Doug Ford should run for PM.
    Just my 2 cents.

  5. Lol Terry , tell us why your King Justin needs to spend millions on a political campaign in the middle of the pandemic? Pathetic, stand up and take a stand

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