Walk-A-Thon for Wigs… yes you read that right!

Madeline Dick and Kayla Matthews stand outside the Wig Clinic at Sault College, July 29, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

Hair loss, caused by medication, medical conditions, hormone changes and many other causes can be a devastating occurence for many individuals in our community.

There are wigs available, however these can, sometimes, fall outside of a normal person’s price range, and this is where the Sault College Wig Clinic comes into play.

Simply put, they raise money to buy wigs for those suffering from hair loss.  In this moment and moving forward, you can help this initiative and it won’t cost you a thing.

Madeline Dick and Kayla Matthews are members of the Sault College Hairstyling class of 2021. They are helping organize the Wigged’ Out Walk-A-Thon.

“We’re just wanting to raise awareness to our wig clinic because I feel like not enough people know about it. And wigs are so so expensive,” said Dick. “So, it’s nice to have this option for people as well that are dealing with hair loss. And we just want to also end the stigma on hair loss because it’s so traumatic for a lot of people to lose their hair. So, just having this in the community, it’s just so good for everyone. Everyone can benefit.”

It’s simple, between August 6-14 you are to take a picture of yourself walking, post it to social media with #wiggedoutwalkathon and you’re done. You will then be entered into a draw to win a prize basket.

It doesn’t cost anything to get in on the draw, but Matthews did mention the clinic does take donations to help buy the wigs.

The prize basket has a value of over $700 and includes gift cards from Metro, Arturo’s and hair products, among other things.

The draw will be made after August 14th, with the winner being notified through social media and local media outlets.

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