705 Sports; How did we fit it all in 30 minutes or less!?!


Well, it’s Friday, which means it’s time for the most wonderful part of my week. It’s time for 705 Sports! My jailbird co-host Dan Gray joins me at the desk once again as we have a jam-packed show full of content.

We start the first segment with our weekly poll question, Are you surprised the NFL has a higher vax rate than the CFL? Let us know in the comment section. Dan and I stick to the football field and recap last week’s action in the CFL. We then look into a team in the CFL that might be in some trouble if they don’t start winning ASAP. We then switch to the NFL and talk about our favorite game coming out of week 2.

In the second segment, I head over to the John Rhodes Arena to check out our Soo Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds are a local hockey team in the NOJHL, the team is set to have their home opener tonight vs the Blind River Beavers. I was able to speak with the T-birds head coach plus a few players on what they need to do tonight to get the win.

In the third segment, Dan and I talk about everything to do with the Blue Jays. There was some controversy in the Jays vs Rays series that both Dan and I are frustrated with. We then jump over to our Toronto Maple Leafs and we discuss some issues they are going to have with their roaster in the near future.

In the fourth and final segment, Dan and I continue on our NHL season preview as we have from week to week. We break down the Edmonton Oilers and as usual, Dan and I don’t fully agree. After that we move off the ice and head back to the football field, we break down week 3 in the NFL and speak on some key matchups. We then switch to 3 down football and break week 8 in the CFL. As we are around the midway point in the CFL season these games are really starting to matter more and more.

Thank you for choosing SaultOnline and ONN TV for all your local, national, and international sports updates and we will see you next Friday!