705 Sports, Jays? Playoffs?


It might not be a wowzers Tuesday however, Dan and I are back this Friday for your weekly episode of 705 Sports. We start off this episode as always with our poll question, Are the Toronto Blue Jays a real playoff contender? Leave your answer in the comments down below.

As we continue the first segment, Dan and I take a deeper dive into the Blue Jays, discussing  what they are doing right and what they need to keep doing if they want to make the playoffs. We then head back to the football field and break down week 6. We also speak about a few teams that might have their fans panicking.

In the second segment, we stick with teams and fans that might be hitting the panic button and one of those teams could be the Maple Leafs. We stick with the NHL and break down the Calgary Flames and as usual Dan and I don’t agree. We round out this segment with the rest of your NHL updates.

In the third and final segment, Dan and I start by talking about a few key games going into week 2 of the young NFL season. We also take a deeper look into one QB who has asked to be traded but Dan and I both feel the team should have granted his wish. We then go back to the CFL and preview all 4 games heading into week 7.

To wrap up the show we asked you, the viewer, to let Dan and I know what you are looking for in 705 Sports moving forward. Send me an email at [email protected] or Dan an email at [email protected]

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