Algoma Public Health reporting region’s 7th COVID-19 related death

Algoma Public Health

Algoma Public Health is reporting the region’s 7th death related to COVID-19 today.

Out of respect for the family, no further information is being shared.

“Algoma Public Health offers sincere condolences to the family, friends, and caregivers affected by this loss and throughout this difficult time,” said Dr. Jennifer Loo, Medical Officer of Health.

This tragic loss highlights the seriousness of this virus. APH commends all those who have worked to prevent COVID-19 spread in our communities.  We ask every Algoma resident to continue doing their part to protect our community members, including getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


  1. All I hear in comments are one side divided by another side, is this who we are as Canadians, is this what we are becoming!!!! Divided with such animosity, are we all still not what we are and what we were 18 months ago, all Canadians, brothers and sisters!!!!! Quit letting your Gov’t divide us, its happening across the world too, every country, putting neighbor against neighbor, friends against friends and yes even families against family!!!! I don’t care if you are vaxxed or not, I feel that should be an individual’s choice, not one for the Gov’t to coerce! Quit letting your TV “programming ” divide us as a people, love and respect the choices people make, it’s their choice, or at least it should be!!!! This PM is the most divisive PM in history! He is the one dividing Canadians, pitting us against one another!!!! Now go to the store and buy your pop, chips and icecream………in a pandemic!!!!!

  2. To all the conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers…. Quit whining and get your shots or risk a horrible sickness or possible death, in the mean time you may spread it to your loved ones without even knowing.
    Get a grip.

  3. Just to be clear…that .3 per 100000, is based off of 120 deaths for the year. That being said, the yearly average for covid then is about 75 per 100000, or 250 times higher….not arguing for or against, just clarifying numbers.

    • And there have been about 20x more Canadian deaths in 1 year due to diabetes compared to all covid related deaths throughout the entire pandemic, and those deaths continue to grow. Imagine if those numbers got the same attention.

  4. Nice try. Using real data from Health Canada:

    You will find the actual deaths from flu were 120 people across Canada. That works out to 0.3 per 100,000.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that you must have an agenda of some kind to keep posting all this misinformation. Perhaps you’re sitting in a troll farm somewhere? How’s the weather in St. Petersburg today?

    • Worth noting that we never tested for the flu even 1% to the degree we have for covid, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison by any stretch, and many flu “related” deaths were counted under their actual cause of death, whereas with covid, anything related counts as covid.

      Either way, it’s an extremely small number of people to be shutting down economies and moving into a medical apartheid over.

        • “Medical Apartheid” is a form of social discrimination that deems uninoculated people as inferior to those who are inoculated and therefore expendable and not worthy of the same freedoms.
          It’s pretty self explanatory, really.

    • You know what, sure. There are no Canadians who disagree with COVID-19 handling. The economy is in a great state. Justin has our full confidence.

      Anybody who disagrees with the woke Twitter Flu worldview must literally be a Russian propagandist.

      This is why 2016 happened south of the border, FYI, simply pretending your opposition do not exist or are “sitting in St. Petersburg”.

      For the sake of our children, let us hope a similar result awaits Canada.

      • Try using facts not numbers grabbed from your posterior if you want to convince someone to change their mind. Ignoring facts is what has lead to our situation today. Fact: State of the stock market does not correlate with financial stability for the average citizen. Fact: Trickle down economics do not work. Fact: Conservative governments increase national debt more than Liberal governments do. Fact: COVID-19 medical response is the responsibility of the provincial government not the federal government. Fact: The economy will not improve until consumer confidence is restored by getting COVID-19 under control.

  5. When it comes to making informed decisions about lockdowns and the economy, remember that the influenza death rate 2019 was 18.5 in 100,000.

    Algoma District had a population of 115,000 in 2016.

    We’re freaking out over something that is demonstrably less deadly than the flu.

    Goodbye Justin, Goodbye Doug Ford. This madness needs to end.

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