Algoma Steel confirms incident at mill

The smoke cloud from the incident spread out from the plant and covered even the top of Goulais hill at one point, September 29, 2021, Dan Gray/

Late yesterday evening, Communications Manager for Algoma Steel, Brenda Stenta, confirmed to SaultOnline an emergency situation did occur in the plant yesterday morning.

“I can confirm that at 6:55 am today a quantity of hot coke was stranded in a transport car,” said Stenta. “As a result was quenched in place per our normal response to allow for the safe transfer of the material.  That matter was resolved before 8 am this (yesterday) morning.”

Although Stenta didn’t elaborate on what caused the stranded transport car to end up in that situation, we have learned a track collapsed in the same area, around the same time yesterday morning. The track would be designed to move these cars into a quenching machine.

Quenching coke outside a machine designed specifically for the purpose, with manual hoses, would cause a “significant amount of uncontained particles and black smoke,” according to multiple sources inside our local steel making industry.

SaultOnline has reached out to the Ministry of Environment to verify the steps which were taken or are being taken to mitigate any environmental damage from this emergency incident.

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to bring you more information regarding the happenings inside our local steel industry.


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