Big Brothers, Big Sisters issues warrant for one of ours


Although there is considerable uncertainty as to what story or event has finally caught up with our journalist here at SaultOnline, we have been made aware that a warrant has been issued for their arrest.

Our understanding of the terms indicates that Dan will have to surrender to the authorities on Friday afternoon. He will be apprehended (failing voluntary surrender) and will be remanded to the “jail” that has been set up by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie.

Staff have been advised that the “bail” (which SaultOnline feels is actually ransom–although opinions among his co-workers are varied) for his release back into the community is set at $1000.

Further to this, his coworkers are divided now on the issue concerning the terms of his release.  It has been suggested that money can be raised to either release him, or to keep him there.  As to how long he can be kept in this “jail” is, as yet, undetermined.  Content Director and on-air personality Heidi Ivany was asked what she felt would serve both Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as the community.

“While it is true that Dan is an integral part of our team, we are all very community minded and sometimes find his pairing of socks and sandals can be trying.  We are currently embroiled in zesty debate and hope to have a consensus soon that will let Dan know whether he can make plans for the weekend or not.” said Ivany.

Since we are uncertain as to what would be best in this instance, we are turning to you our readers.

If you would like to see Dan free and roaming the streets to bring you news ever again, we would like you to donate to help free him.

Donations can be made at, making sure to use hashtag #freeDan or #lockdanup in the memo section.

It’s all in support of a great cause, getting the news guy free, but more importantly, raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie!

Follow our social media for how all of this goes down Friday and please, please help us #freeDan!


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      Just keep him over night and he will change his mind and stay home so he can cook and clean house for his lovely girlfriend Amy, who works many more long hours than him..

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