Big Brothers, Big Sisters warming up cuffs for Gray


Donations to Big Brothers, Big Sisters with the #freeDan are not going as well as our intrepid journalist was hoping.

Preliminary conversations with Big Brothers/Big Sisters Sault Ste. Marie about his bail confirms that our journalist may have to adjust his plans for the weekend as it appears that he’s going to do some “time” in the pen.

“He’s raised approximately $100 towards his bail.  It appears as though many in the city want to see him actually behind bars before they donate,” said one representative of the organization to SaultOnline.

“The Bailiff is getting ready to bring him in tomorrow, we know where to find him if he doesn’t turn himself in willingly,” continued the organization.

Gray, along with other notable individuals from the community are being “locked-up” for charity. The goal is they will raise $1000 towards the charity in order to break free.

We reached out to our reporter while he was in the field today for comment.

“I was hoping the community would raise the money, prior to my being cuffed and facing the time in the jail,” said Gray. “However, I have seen the comments where they want me to spend more time in jail then some of the local criminals.”

The organization has promised SaultOnline that if a newsworthy event were to occur while Gray was incarcerated, he would be allowed to commute his sentence, and would be freed to cover the event, and they would work with the Jailbreak.

“I’m not sure who you’ve talked to about being a “prisoner” but I can say confidently that his job trumps our fun event. You can reassure your bosses, that we respect Sault Online and Dan’s role in covering important stories within our community. If something comes up, perhaps we can have fun with his “jailbreak”.

If you don’t want Gray to have to break out of jail, the best way to make sure he’s able to continue his job uninterrupted is to make sure you use #FreeDan in the memo section when you donate to Big Brothers and Sisters at this link.

Further comment from his co-worker, Heidi Ivany, indicates that staff at SaultOnline are continuing their deliberations over which is the more fitting use for funds raised — to free Dan, or to keep him “on the inside”.  “It is just too soon to tell, really… we have voted, and are locked–pretty much evenly split between the two options.  Now, we must tally the mail-in ballots and hope that no one calls for a recount.”  Ivany shared, the strain of the discussions clearly visible on her face as she spoke.

For his part, Gray promises being locked up won’t stop him from doing something with his time, and SaultOnline promises we will have live streams of how it all goes down on our Facebook Page.