“catch and release” may have played a role in fatal shooting

A Sault Police Sergeant gives orders to a member of the ESU, September 19, 2021 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

With the Liberals winning a minority last night, the chances of the contentious catch and release program being reviewed have become much less likely, and that may lead to more issues such as the occurrence on the weekend.

SaultOnline has learned the identity of the individual who shot at police officers and subsequently suffered a fatal gunshot wound. To review the original story as well as recent updates, please click here https://saultonline.com/2021/09/ongoing-investigation-updated-by-siu-this-morning/.  In order to preserve the integrity of the investigation and privacy of his family, we are keeping them anonymous.

SaultOnline has, however,  learned from individuals close to the assailant, as well as from our own research, that he was out on bail. A previous run in with police during the past year had led to weapons charges being laid against the individual, after which, he was held for bail and then released by the courts.

It would be fair to say that his bail conditions would have included a weapons possession ban.

If the courts had kept the accused in jail awaiting trial, an officer may not have been shot and the 19 year old may still have been able to go home to his family.

The Conservative Party of Canada was the only major political party with a stated intention of looking at that section of bill C-75 and possibly change it.

They could still use opposition days to bring forward amendments, but without support, any changes would be defeated in the House of Commons.

Stay with SaultOnline/ONNtv as we continue to follow the SIU investigation and updates as they become available.


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  2. So very sad to hear that our new city has such a self centered mayor that looks out for himself rather than the real needs of the people and city. We are also appalled at the horrible condition of the streets, my wife hit a pothole that she could not avoid due to traffic and the car has $3300 damage that will take us months to save enough to repair. Building a downtown plaza seems to be the very last priority with all the problems the city is facing.

    • If you damaged your vehicle as you did, you should contact the Clerks office at city hall. Get all the details of the accident and you should present it to the city staff. The City’s insurance company should be responsible to repay you for the damages that were caused by this incident. Good luck.

  3. Hey, so a SaultOnline article probably isn’t the best place to put your political views on display for all of Northern Ontario to see…
    Not only that, but these comments are repulsive; a young man was shot, and seriously injured to the point where he could have been potentially paralyzed, and all you people can do is talk about how this is the Prime Minister’s fault, and not the city’s.

    For the past 20 years there has been little, to nothing to entertain the age groups between 15-25+ (Thanks Olde Boys Club…), and the downward spiral of SSM started there. Remember the kid who spray painted “BORED” throughout the city? Yeah, that was a message that’s fallen on deaf ears, and blind eyes….

    You want to start making SSM better? Put the blame on 94 Foster drive, not Parliament Hill…

    • Would the comments still be repulsive if they where directed towards the Conservatives. The rise in crime, and gun violence has all to do with Harper and the good old boys club, whatever that is. Feel better now, I’m terribly sorry for being critical towards liberals, I won’t let it happen again, please forgive me. I don’t want you or anyone from the liberal party to hurt me I know how vengeful and hostile liberals can be.

  4. Well, Canada you are going to have a front seat in watching a Democratic Country transform into a pseudo-Dictatorship in the next four years and beyond whether you voted Liberal or not.

  5. The Liberals will be asking all the police officers involved for their resignation they were supposed to de-escalate the situation by politely asking the person to stop shooting at them and explain to the person that bullets flying out of a barrel can be very dangerous

  6. Clickbait article.

    The guy would have been out on bail even without ‘catch and release’ His original charges were not for a violent crime and they wouldn’t have been able to hold him for years without a trial.
    Maybe look at why courts are so backlogged ?

  7. I’m a bit confused. He wasn’t allowed to have a gun, but he did, and so that’s the liberals fault? Or was he allowed to have a gun and that’s the liberals fault? I thought they were the ones taking everyone’s guns. Was his firearm legally owned or not?

    If his partner had voiced concerns for his/her safety my understanding of the PAL licence is that it would be revoked or the guns confiscated, though I’ve only had to call the police on a violent domestic incident once, so don’t have full knowledge. Domestics have long been treated like a joke is all I really learned there. Call us back when your partner actually hurts you. Those laws need strengthening also.

    Why couldn’t the CPC make an issue of it? It would likely be popular even with LPC/NDP/other voters, lots of the firearm and C75 stuff isn’t too popular regardless of party affiliation. This post seems to be trying to say both things at once, that it could be an issue but couldn’t. If everyone does nothing it can’t only be one party’s fault that nothing changes

    O’toole backtracked during the campaign and said he was fine with the current weapons ban with maybe minor changes, so unless they say exactly how they’d change C-75 it seems impossible to know it would make any difference. Write some policy and propose it, that is the job. “A stated intention of looking at” something doesn’t mean anything concrete at all, the bill is already there to look at any time they want. Perhaps the commenters so sure that CPC would fix it have some insider knowledge that they haven’t shared. I can’t find anything specific on the conservative party’s website about C-75. But changes to this policy seem like they would be popular across the spectrum.

    The wait for trials is so long and the court system so inefficient. They need to speed that up because you can’t be jailing people for years just waiting for a trial when we’re told innocent until guilty. Please indicate how much money you’re willing to support spending on this problem when you speak with your MP next. And if you don’t do that keep in mind online comments are worth $0 and voting isn’t worth much more than that.

    • You must not live where stuff is happening or in a cave, I am scared to walk to the corner store by myself, live 5 houses away from it but take my vehicle!! Police aren’t helpful, even if someone is in your yard they wont do anything, perps could walk off with whatever and you cant do anything to them or you will be charged omg

  8. Bail hearings have been happening forever. No matter what year or what decade this guy would be out on bail. Stop fooling yourselves, bail is not new.
    People need to stop blaming politicians for a family failure. This kids inner circle is what failed him.

  9. No surprise there and it will only get worse from here on in with the Liberals in charge. The gun stores are going to be busier than ever in Sault Ste. Marie with rightfully scared citizens preparing themselves for home invasions and the like because the mayor is more interested in a downtown plaza than the real issues and priorities that the failing city is facing.

  10. So would it be better then, in the face of a Pandemic, to have accused people coming in and out of jails, spreading Covid-19 and further taxing our healthcare system? I didn’t know this was an editorial forum. This is biased reporting at its finest.

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