City of Sault Ste. Marie prepares to roll out Ontario’s proof of vaccination at City facilities


Following the provincial health order, effective September 22, 2021, those seeking access to City facilities are required to show proof of identification and proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before they can enter the area.

Indoor areas of meeting and event spaces and areas of facilities used for sports and
recreational fitness activities where proof of vaccination is required includes:

  • Ermatinger Clergue National Historic Site
  • GFL Memorial Gardens
  • John Rhodes Community Centre Arenas
  • John Rhodes Pool
  • McMeeken Arena
  • Northern Community Centre
  • Ronald A. Irwin Civic Centre (proof of vaccination not required to access services
    provided in the lobby area)
  • Seniors Centres – Bay Street Active Living Centre 55+ and the Northern
  • Community Centre Active 55+

Exemptions to providing proof of vaccination include:

  • Workers, contractors, repair workers, delivery workers, students, volunteers,
    inspectors or others who are entering for work purposes and not as patrons.
  • Those entering an indoor area solely for the purposes of:
    – using a washroom
    – accessing an outdoor area that can only be accessed through an
    indoor route
    – making a retail purchase
    – placing or picking up an order
    – paying for an order
    – purchasing admission; or
    – health and safety.
  • Those entering indoor premises of a meeting or event space in a cemetery,
    crematorium or similar establishment that provides funeral, cemetery or
    cremation services.
  • Children 11 years of age and under who do not qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Those 12 to 18 years of age, who are entering the indoor premises of a facility
    used for sports and recreational fitness activities to actively participate in an
    organized sport. The exemption does not apply to youth who are spectators at
    sporting events.
  • Proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and proof of identification is required for patrons 18 years and older, including parents or guardians of youth actively participating in an organized sport.
  • Patrons who provide a written document, completed and supplied by a physician or by a registered nurse in the extended class, that sets out:

i) a documented medical reason for not being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and
ii) the effective time-period for the medical reason.

“We all want our facilities to return to their regular usage, and to get to that point we
must continue to follow the advice and guidance of government leaders and health care
professionals,” said Malcolm White, CAO. “It is paramount that we take the necessary
precautions to continue to protect the health and safety of our community.”

City ambassadors and security will be at identified screening points upon entry.
Validation of identification must show the name of the identification holder and date of
birth as well as verify that the date of administration of the final shot is at least fourteen
days prior to the patron seeking access to a facility. All other public health measure
including masking and physical distancing continue to apply.

The provincial government has released the regulations and guidance for businesses
and organizations, including municipalities, to support them in implementing proof of
vaccination requirements which take effect on September 22, 2021. Ontario is
developing an enhanced vaccine certificate with a unique QR code. The enhanced
vaccine certificate and verification app will be available by October 22, 2021. For more
information, visit


  1. I like how kids under 12 aren’t vaccinated and everyone is letting vaccine passports happen BEFORE we push for a vaccine for the kids first….why’s it taking so long anyway if it’s so great and safe? nobody even cares lol. It says a lot about our society and how easily we’re manipulated — look how easy we’re forgiving that they didn’t protect our elderly and were years behind where they were supposed to be, look how easily we’re forgiving how they let big box stores sell non-essentials through 2 lockdowns pretty much guaranteeing the spread by focusing us all to a couple places between restricted hours and making sure we’ll all keep going there when we’re not supposed to cuz you let them sell non-essentials too…..but hey I guess if you take away our rights and keep us only focused on how you’ll give them back, even get people turning on each other….then you get to cover up your incompetence and all the shady stuff you did throughout the pandemic and never have to answer or be accountable for any of it…I’ll give you this government, your planned work to perfection.

  2. Everyone is speaking about proof of vaccination – I do have the two pieces of documentation from my two vaccinations – but I think you are speaking about some other type of proof – where do we get it – a senior wanting to know.
    Theresa Sharp

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