Conservatives only camp to answer question on clean water

Clean water (healthy concept)

Early last week we reached out to all four parties in Sault Ste. Marie with a question we couldn’t ask due to time restraints at our debate.

The question revolved around providing clean water to Indigenous people across the country.

Sonny Spina was the only candidate to provide an answer:

A Conservative government will enshrine safe drinking water as a fundamental human right and end long-term boil water advisories. 

We need to work urgently to target high-risk water systems, while working in partnership with First Nation governments to find new approaches to ensure water system investments are protected and that communities can rely on their water systems for the long-term. 

One such area to be explored, is regional and coalition based governance, where communities can work together with the federal government to coordinate water investments and infrastructure needs for First Nation communities. 

Clean water is essential to human health and well-being. As your Member of Parliament, I will work tirelessly and collaboratively with First Nation communities to ensure that we find lasting and comprehensive solutions that will target high risk water systems and put and end to long term drinking water advisories.

All other parties platforms can be seen on their respective websites.

If you want to view our debate it can be found here – ONNtv Local Debate Sept 8

SaultOnline and ONNtv will have extensive coverage of our election tomorrow evening.


  1. There is an story on Soo Today . Far Right Groups on the Rise. We should an eye on Populism this election. Reading thru this gave me some reason for concern, there are key words that kept popping up. Far Right . ( Conservative) . Authoritarian . Conservative .( violence ). Conservatives . The belief that country born persons deserve better policies the immigrants. Conservative. There is not one negative word spoken about the Liberals. Clearly this is a Liberal created story to shed a damming light on the Conservatives. If Soo Today feels it’s okay to write this damming story than they should at least write one equally as damming about the Liberals. I wish Soo Today would participate in Canada’s Democratic Election and open up Free Speech in the comment section for at least today.

  2. The operative word is TRUST !!!!!! Please, please cast your vote tomorrow. We can not afford to stay on the present course. The liberals are closing in on $2 Trillion in debt. With the help of their cousins, the ndp, this country is heading for a steep, economic cliff. Trudeau called this ill-timed,dangerous,$610 Million pandemic election to score a majority !!!!!! That’s it folks !!! Please, please, vote tomorrow & send this pompous, incompetent pm a strong message. We, are children & grandchildren can not afford to stay on this dangerous path. Good night & good luck to us all.

  3. This pandemic election should be about TRUST !!! What is it that this pm, justin trudeau, has to do to convince many of those soft liberal voters out there to finally state, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!! He is pompous, self righteous, deceitful, fake feminist; he lives in the gutter with his mud slinging, dresses as blackface with little consequence, throws strong liberal female MPs under the bus, because he can’t control them to do what he demands of them. ie. Ms Jody Wilson-Raubould, Ms Jane Philpott & Ms Celina Caesar-Chavannes. Trudeau calls this ill-timed, very dangerous, $610 Million election with only 1 motivation….this silver spoon fed elitist just wants a majority !!! That’s it folks !!!!! This guy answers the allegations of him groping a journalist by stating, “some women experience things differently” ????? Seriously !!!!! Folks you can’t make this sh$$$$$$$$$it up with this guy !!!!! But, still not much swaying in how some libs feel about him. The SNC Lavalan scandal, the WE scandal, giving his liberal friends sole sourced gov’t contracts in the millions, his mother, brother & wife profiting from these contracts. Obstruction of justice allegations that trudeau wants to STOP from interrogating him if he wins a majority. For God’s sakes, folks, what does it take to finally turn this guy off ????? This Country is heading towards a very steep economic cliff. The liberal DEBT is going to reach $2 Trillion…..soon. You, your kids & grandkids will pay dearly !!!! Folks, we need a change, and we need it NOW !!!!!! Please, please, send this nauseating pm a strong message !!! We can’t afford not to. Tomorrow is a day of reckoning for all of us ordinary Canadians who truly care & see what’s going on. Please cast your vote !!!!! My God, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!! Thank you for listening.

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