Conservatives Support $420 Million To Help Algoma Steel “Transition”


Note to Readers: Superior Media/SaultOnline was contacted by a representative of United Steelworkers Local 2251 with the following statement: “Drew Craig is not representing Local 2251 with his views. Local MP Terry Sheehan did meet after the 420 million announcement to hear Local 2251 concerns.”

A Conservative Government will provide up to $420 million of federal support to help Algoma Steel transition to Electric Arc Furnace technology, as agreed by the former Liberal Government earlier this year. In addition to this support, Sonny Spina confirms that a Conservative Government will review this agreement to fully understand the potential job losses that may result for workers and families in Sault Ste. Marie.

“Thanks to Erin O’Toole and the Conservative Party for confirming that if elected, a Conservative Government will support Algoma’s transition to an Arc Furnace” said Sonny Spina, conservative candidate for Sault Ste. Marie. “I’ll work closely with the unions and Algoma to ensure that anyone who loses their job as a result of this project will have the support and retraining they need.”

A principle of Canada’s parliamentary democracy is that a contract entered into by one government will be honoured by the next government. The Conservative Party confirms that it will carry on with the project to convert Algoma Steel to environmentally friendly Arc Furnace technology that will reduce emissions at the plant by almost 70%. The project will be supported with up to $200 million from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) and with an additional, up to $200 million from the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

Drew Craig, from Union Local 2251, has been working with Sonny Spina since the project’s announcement earlier this year to understand the impact the new Arc Furnace will have on Sault Ste. Marie jobs.

“Personally for me, I want to see Algoma be environmental leaders in the steel industry so the merits of the project make sense, at least what we’ve read about it in the news paper” said Craig. “Terry and Algoma did not consult us on this project, as they are required to do, and neither the Liberal government nor Algoma would answer our calls or questions about what impact this project will have on our members and their families here in Sault Ste. Marie.”

Sonny Spina and a Conservative Government will honour the terms of the contract signed by the previous government and will conduct a review working closely with the unions and the Government of Canada. This review will determine the medium and long-term job losses that may result from the project and what can be done to prepare for and support workers if they lose their jobs.

“This contract must be legally sound, and we must protect jobs during the transition to the new Arc Furnace” said Craig. “I am energized by Sonny’s commitment to work with us, to answer our call when no one else did, so we can get to work to develop a plan to help any of our Brothers and Sisters who may lose their jobs as a result of this project.”


  1. BBB, Your comment regarding Justin Trudeau is so true. I hope that the Sault electors will do the right thing and vote Conservative if we love this city and Canada! Trudeau has shut down Parliament for months to cover his WE Charity Scandal, has been paying the CBC Millions of our Tax Dollars every year as a bribe to make him look good. What a farce! He just paid Newspapers in Canada over 600,000.00 of our tax dollars and refused to divulge who he gave “Our” money to. Rebel News, found Trudeau’s secret Newspaper list and revealed his “Liberal” newspaper buddies. Trudeau has been destroying this Once Wonderful Country and now he has two bills to pass to take away our freedom of speech, if he wins, GOD FORBID! Terry Sheehan has been voting along with this Unethical, Lying, Canadian Hating, Joke of a PM and Jagmeet Singh has been voting along with Trudeau. Do NOT vote Liberal or NDP! We will be Doomed! SAULTITES, if you have been doing your homework and researching everything that Trudeau has been doing to Destroy Canada, Please Vote Conservative.

  2. Much like Huron central railway that is also owned by foreign billionaires who always cry broke and threaten the Canadian government that they will take their toys and go home if they don’t get multi-millions in handouts, Algoma could easily afford to upgrade anything without handouts of our hard earned tax dollars as well. No one even knows who all has their fingers in this pie. You can bet the crooked Ruia brothers are still involved.

  3. “A principle of Canada’s parliamentary democracy is that a contract entered into by one government will be honoured by the next government. ”

    If that is true why is O’Toole cancelling the $10 a day childcare agreements signed with eight provinces already. It would do much more for the economy than a 5% discount in December. Seems it is one of his many lies.

  4. Good day: I encourage everyone, in particular all the Italians in SSM and area, to serious consider voting for Sonny & the Conservatives. Folks, these Trudeau led liberals is not the party of Carman Provenzano !!!! This Trudeau led liberal party is not the party of David Orazietti. Justin Trudeau is no Jean Chrétien & Justin Trudeau is no Paul Martin. These former liberals understood finances. These former liberals had a sense of decency, a sense of balance; they knew how to reach out to Canadians without the pompous, self serving & self righteous ego that this current nauseating lieberal leader continues to bestow on all of us. Case in point: Trudeau calls a totally unnecessary, dangerous & I’ll timed $610 Million election. WHY ?????? Because his royal highness wants you to bestow on him a majority. WHY ???? Because junior is on a power trip !!! Because he wants to hide all the serious accusations against him. Case in point: SNC Lavalan scandal, WE scandal, giving his liberal friends $$$Millions in sole sourced gov’t contracts, trudeau states that his former accuser “felt things differently” when he allegedly groped her. See what former intelligent liberal female MPs are stating about Justin. ie. Ms Jody Wilson-Raybould, Ms Jane Philpott & Ms. Celina Caesar-Chavannes. Two were fired & 1 is supporting her local Conservative candidate. Folks, let’s be very, very careful what we wish for. This is not the centrist party that many of us grew up with. Trudeau & Jagmeet will join together to continue to sink this once proud Country into “OBLIVION” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Folks, it’s your call, don’t be fooled by the lieberal koolaid !!!! Good luck to all of us. And,yes, please hang on to your wallets !!!! $2 Trillion DEBT is just around the corner. Sept. 20….. please cast your vote !!! Salute & ciao.

    • crooked..yes…but if she was so great, why did no other party want to affiliate with her, and she had to become an independent….think about that and what the other parties don’t want us to know

      • |Barry, would you tell me please where you read that Jody wanted to affiliate with another party and was turned down, leaving her no choice but to run as an independent? Very interested. Also, your statement “think about that and what the other parties don’t want us to know” is intriguing. Other parties don’t want us to know, what…certain details about Jody Wilson Raybould? Again, I’d appreciate having a look at a source where this stuff was published. Thanks!

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