Council resolves again, to add new by-law officer


For the second time in two years, the building division has asked for a part-time bylaw officer be added to help with a growing workload.

Councillor Gardi, reiterating the comments of Councillor Bruni, Councillor Dufour and city staff stated he thinks the position should be full-time.

“I don’t think there’d be a vote against the full-time by-law officer from this council at this point based upon the need. So I’m all in favor of full-time by law enforcement officer, at the very least,” said Gardi.

Other councillors supported the request for a new position but was worried about it just moving the problem down the road to an understaffed legal department.

“If we do this without the additional legal support, perhaps we’re just moving the bottleneck from one department to another,” summarized Scott of his and other members thoughts. “So I can say with confidence, I would be in supportive of one full-time position.”

City Solicitor Kathy Fields noted the city currently has 170 building cases in front of the court.

“So we currently have 170 cases that are before the court on building and property matters. We have 58 scheduled for trial. Nine are waiting for a first appearance and we’ve got 103 that are being processed towards trial,” Fields told council.

She also said trials are still on hold by the province but look to be starting at the beginning of 2022.

Last year the resolution, passed on July 13, 2020, was defeated come budget time. This year, the ask is for $49,000 and will also be considered at budget time.

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  1. That would be a waste of taxpayer money AGAIN. The current two don’t do their jobs anyway (well they do but only for certain people) and their boss doesn’t care…you know, the guy that got a 5% raise…

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