COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Toolkit: Workplaces in Algoma


Algoma Public Health appreciates all of the effort Algoma workplaces have put into preventing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our communities safe. Together, we have minimized the number of positive COVID-19 cases and raised vaccine coverage in Algoma.

To keep our workforce and community safe and healthy, Algoma Public Health strongly recommends local employers institute workplace vaccination policies to protect their employees and the public from COVID-19. Algoma Public Health also strongly encourages all those eligible in Algoma to receive a complete series of COVID-19 vaccine.

To support our Algoma workplaces, a toolkit was developed to provide you with the basic information and resources needed to design a COVID-19 vaccination policy and build vaccine confidence.

Click to view the full COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Toolkit for Workplaces in Algoma online.

Download and print a vaccine certificate poster.


  1. How convenient that Mayor Punkin’ Head, City Councilors & senior staff can ‘quietly’ exempt themselves from behind close doors.. seems like nothing about Covid-19 applies to our new dystopian overlords.??

    Strange daze indeed..

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