Donations needed for family who “lost absolutely everything”

Images from a fire in Heyden, Ontario, September 10, 2021 (Dan Gray/

Ever since a fire took the home of a family in Heyden, there has been an outpouring of support for them, however, they still have a long way to go towards re-establishing the semblance of their normal life.

The community provided them with temporary housing, some of the day to day requirements to get by, but in speaking with one of the victims, she says they are struggling.

“It’s mostly clothing.  We can’t change into clean clothes, most of us. My sons have some donated clothes, [and] bless whoever brought them but it’s just the essentials of showering which we can do.  But we have smoke-infused clothes, basically the ones we were wearing when it happened,” said the mother whose name we aren’t sharing, at this time. “My husband, myself, and my daughter are going to have a hard time today, but we are not without gratitude.  (We are) grateful to be alive and have each other.  I feel silly complaining about anything, like not having something clean to change into it.  It could be worse.”

Members of the surrounding community have offered up many of the basics of living, however below is some of the items the family is still in need of.

  • Women’s clothes- size small/medium
  • Men’s clothes – size large/ pants 32/34
  • Two boys 3 years old – size 5t/6
  • one 6 year old boy – size 7/8
  • one 12 year old girl – ladies size small
  • Shoes and footwear are also needed… size 6-7 in women’s shoes, size 8 in toddler boy’s shoes, size 11 in men’s shoes and size 12/13 in boy’s.If you are from Heyden and area, you can take donations to 1 Cedar Court in the Rupert Acres trailer park.

The family already has plans to donate back to the community anything they may not be able to use as they start their long road to recovery.

Financial donations can be made via Red Cross –

As one dog also survived the blaze, dog food, toys are also greatly appreciated.

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  1. Maybe we should pass around the hat for those who lost their livelihood, business, way of life, families, because of COVID lockdowns.

    Or we an just vote out Hair ‘n Socks on the 20th and move on with our lives acknowledging that COVID is like the flu from now on: here to stay. Will you get your yearly booster at Walmart like the flu shot? Or will you vote for the hysterical drama teacher and Doug Ford to lock us in our homes and smother what’s left of the economy?

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