Downtown Plaza passes at $8.4 million price tag

Civic Plaza

In an 8-3 vote, Councillors passed the plaza as designed with an estimated cost of $8.4 million.

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  1. As far as Security goes , perhaps just wire it up some city live feed cams ,so we can all watch it deteriorate from the comfort of our own homes. CHEAPER

  2. Folks, we have a tent on the waterfront that appears to have only 1 purpose….. makes for a nice postcard photo. Now, this council is hell bent on putting up another so called attraction. And what’s their motivation….it absolutely has to be located on Queen St. That’s it !! That’s all !! $8.4 Million that I would strongly suggest will be tax dollars NOT well spent. If the marketing people think this will attract people downtown…….I would say………good luck with that !!!! Anyway, let’s hope for the best. Personally, I would say, expect another tent location that gets little or no use by a reasonable amount of people, be they locals or tourists. Good luck………. Oh, I will say 1 final thing, I’ve been saying that this was a tax & spend city council right from the beginning. I’ve just been proved I was right one more time.

  3. This council has completely lost touch with its constituents. Overwhelmingly this is not what residents of the sault want.They were elected to represent the voice of the majority but apparently the mayor thinks we’re to stupid to even know what we want. This is 100% duplication of services no mater how you try to justify it mayor Quimby! Downtown is nothing but a junkie hangout after 6 and you think this magical plaza is going to change that?

  4. It is sure to be a big hit !!!NOT. Many feel very unsafe to walk downtown anymore. If one did plan to attend something in the plaza….where do you park? Is the Bondar Pavillion just not good enough for events? Is an ice rink already established at Clergue park, not enough?
    Imagine the cost to provide effective security? Most cities have experienced a loss of the downtown. The big box stores were welcomed by most city councils as they looked at the big tax dollars to be put in the city coffers. Times have changed…just as very few get the local paper anymore. If shop owners downtown were interested in more customers they would set their hours that would entice shoppers to the area. Many of them want 9 to 5 hours and weekends off. An aggressive shopkeeper would operate from 12 noon until 8 p.m. Downtown merchants need to gather together and decide how to best attract customers. It should not be up to the lowly taxpayer to figure that out. Give us a reason to shop downtown.

  5. Mayor Punpkinhead has no idea how many vulnerable lives this stupid and irresponsible decision has affected in a hugely negative way, some will die because of it. He obviously doesn’t care. There is definitely a stench of monarchy in city hall that needs to be eradicated.

  6. The station mall is for sale. It sits on some of the most beautiful land in SSM. The city cud of bought the underused mall n turn it into some of the most green space user friendly space in Ontario. I lived in Kenora for 6 years they have beautiful waterfront n a tent they use year round. Instead the mayor chose a drug congregation centre. Mall cud of also had senior apartments in it.

  7. 5.3.. 6.7 or even now at 8.4 million dollars, can any-one really put a price on a Punkin’ Head’s ‘Legacy’, obviously these clowns can’t.

    A spectacular performance that belonged right between the ‘Bearded Lady’ & the Organ grinding Chimp. I was happy to see that at least three council members provided the illusion of opposition.

    When skimming an additional 1.7 million from the tax-payers, illusion is good.. just sayin’.

    Strange daze indeed..
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