Dynamic Patrol Initiative

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The Dynamic Patrol initiative continued for another two-week period, this time beginning on August 30, 2021.

Because of ongoing statistical and investigative analysis, officers focused patrol on the downtown core between 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

As the result of assigning two officers each day during the two-week initiative, 168 additional patrol hours took place in the downtown.

Throughout the extra patrols, officers conducted the following;

  • Spent 22 Hours on Walking Patrol,
  • Made Two Arrests,
  • Issued 28 Provincial Offences Notices.
  • Laid Six by-law Tickets,
  • Performed 10 Street Checks.
  • Spoke with 134 People, and
  • Performed 52 Vehicle Checks.

“The Dynamic Patrol initiative is about more than just statistics,” says Acting Inspector of Emergency Management and Business Continuity Ben Bolduc. “One of the goals of the additional patrols is to provide a more personal touch when it comes to policing the community.”

Dynamic Patrol is an ongoing initiative to increase police presence in local neighbourhoods and near businesses. Officers will be deployed as necessary in various areas of the community.



  1. While I have nothing against an increase in enforcement in principle, you must remember that an increase in arrests places greater pressure “downstream” in the legal system. There’s little point in arresting more people if you lack the political will to either build more jails or overcrowd your existing facilities.

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