Election Beat – Parties asked about COVID

Three of the four local party election signs dot the landscape at the bottom of the Pim Street Hill (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

On Monday, SaultOnline reached out to all 4 parties to understand their plans for managing the COVID-19 pandemic going forward.

As of this moment, the only candidate to respond was Sonny Spina.

Q: What is your stance on the restrictions currently in place and moving forward what would you hope to change?

Q:Do you feel the vaccine should be mandatory?

Q:What will your party do, if elected, about the ongoing pandemic response?

A: Conservative Candidate Sonny Spina –

I fully support the restrictions that have been put in place by our local public health experts. These restrictions have sure been hard, hard on families, businesses, on all of us. But these restrictions are about protecting the most vulnerable in our community.

I’m double vaxxed. So is my wife and team. I encourage everyone to talk to their doctor and if appropriate, to get vaccinated.

Rapid testing has been available in the United States for almost a year. I bet few, if any residents of Sault Ste Marie, have even seen a rapid test. We need Rapid Tests in our community and in use urgently. They need to be available in our schools and businesses. If you don’t have the vaccine, then take the test. It’s as simple as that.

I support businesses limiting access to their stores if shoppers don’t have the vaccine or where you can’t provide a recent negative COVID test result. I support schools, churches, and community services asking for proof of the vaccine or a negative COVID test before any in-person activities can be undertaken. But, I don’t believe you should lose your job because you haven’t been vaccinated. 

The residents of Sault Ste. Marie have the right to make their own health decisions. But we, as the rest of society, also have the right to protect ourselves and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 in our homes, places of business, churches and stores.  COVID should not have been a surprise. We had SARS and Swine Flu that showed the health and economic catastrophe that could be upon us if we were caught unprepared for a serious pandemic. 

Terry and the Liberals shut down the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, threw out or sent overseas thousands of masks and gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment that our healthcare professionals could have used. They put all our vaccine hopes in China’s basket, only to have China refuse to ship the vaccine to Canada when we needed it. This resulted in Canada being at the back of the line for the now common vaccines that became available in North America.

A Government led by Erin O’Toole will launch the Canada Emergency Preparedness Plan that will ensure Canada is ready to face future pandemics. We need to overhaul our National Emergency Stockpile so our government is prepared with the equipment we need. We will strengthen Health Canada and the Public Health Agency, and we need to build capacity to develop and produce vaccines here in Canada. We owe it to the residents of Sault Ste Marie and our children to ensure our government is prepared for the next pandemic.

We sent the questions to all parties via the contact e-mails they provided.

The Liberal Party of Canada addresses this issue on their campaign website under – Finishing the fight against COVID-19.

The NDP have mentioned COVID 42 times in their full commitment package which can be found as a link from their website.

The Peoples’ Party of Canada have a link to this issue directly from their website.

Stay with SaultOnline for more election coverage. We remind you to tune into ONNTV next Wednesday, September 8th as we go live with our 90 minute debate with all the local candidates.



  1. At least Justin can be voted out in September. O’Toole is nothing we should look forward to, but with Singh being… Singh and PPCs with a drunkard at the helm, the cons are the only meaningful protest vote so we don’t get carbon priced over 2.00 with blackface having wet dreams over climate lockdowns and other lunacy. IT IS IMPORTANT TO VOTE.

  2. Was it really that much of an effort for the other parties to answer the questions? WE need answers before going to the polls on an array of topics. If these candidates cannot take the time to inform us of their stand on items why should we even consider voting for them?

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