Heavy Police Presence in the 700 Block of Pine Street

Photo: Dan Gray (SaultOnline/ONNtv)

Suspicious Package Investigation

There is currently a heavy police presence in the 700 block of Pine Street. Officers located a suspicious package in the area.

Officers are evacuating people who are in close proximity. Others who live in the area should shelter in place and avoid windows, doors and balconies.

At this time, we urge people in the community to avoid the area. We will release more information as it becomes available.



  1. What does the plaza have to do with a box of road flares being delivered to a guy that drives for a transport company ?
    I know people are on edge, but get a grip !

    And Saultonline needs to update their stories instead of going for clicks. The police left over an hour ago.

  2. After the downtown plaza is built and the druggies claim it as their own there will frequently be a heavy police presence around it. Save the headaches and scrap the ridiculous plan now, ignore and institutionalize the out of control mayor and get on with what the city really needs. The mayor doesn’t seem to know or doesn’t care about taking the priorities of the city in order. The downtown plaza is about 100 deep on the priority list.

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