Heavy Police presence in the West End


At approximately 3 p.m. readers notified SaultOnline of a multitude of police vehicles at a home in the West End of the City.

Upon arrival in the general area of Farwell Terrace and Second Line West, we found a home surrounded by multiple police units including the ESU.

SaultOnline has been advised that there is no public safety concern in regards to this incident and no further information in regards to this matter is anticipated.

SaultOnline appreciates the tips from within the community and strives to bring you accurate information about ongoing emergency situations.



  1. The Soo needs a tactical team & equipment like that? What a waste of tax dollars. These guys play C.O.D. when doing nothing than putting on displays of power? Looks like Mexico

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. The Tactical Team is on standby in the event they are needed. It doesn’t mean that they’re wasting tax dollars. It’s already included in the budget !

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