Karl Bonack no longer employed as Meteorologist citing Vaccine Mandate as cause


A veteran Michigan weatherman was fired for refusing a COVID-19 shot, and said, ‘We are being bludgeoned with fear’ by vaccine pushers.

Karl Bohnak, who was a meteorologist for Gray Television station WLUC-TV, said he was booted after refusing to comply with the company’s vaccine mandates.

His employer requires proof of inoculation from anyone entering its properties, Bohnak said in a lengthy Facebook post.

‘It’s time to wake up to what is occurring here in America and across the world,’ he said. ‘We are being bludgeoned with fear, I believe, in an effort to control us.  Eminent doctors, virologists and epidemiologists who post facts contradicting the “official” accepted narrative regarding COVID are being censored; some are losing their jobs… I have the right to choose—we all do. If we do nothing, we will lose that right.’

President Joe Biden earlier this month announced he would use an emergency order to force businesses with 100 or more employees to mandate vaccines or weekly testing.

Michigan meteorologist Karl Bohnak says he lost his job after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine

Medical experts say the vaccine reduces serious COVID-19 complications for those who take it.  Bohnak, who has been working for the station since 1988, said he doesn’t believe the vaccine should be forced upon anyone.

‘Many of you have taken one of these injections, and that is absolutely your right,’ he said. ‘It is also my right to choose the medical options I feel are right for me. I have authority over my body.’

He said he might consider getting the jab if he believed it would spare him from life-threatening COVID-19 consequences, but that he doesn’t believe the virus would kill him.  Bohnak has worked for the station since 1988.

“For a normally healthy adult not housed in a nursing home or not suffering from serious comorbidities, the chance of surviving COVID is well over 99 percent,’ Bohnak said of a virus that has killed 674,000 Americans.  ‘I will take the chance and go without a shot. I choose not to risk serious side effects.”

Though his accounts of record downpours have not drawn much controversy, he is being pelted like a hail storm over his vaccine stance.

‘You’re a selfish idiot,’ Bob Tatus commented on the post. ‘When you get Covid you’ll be singing a different tune. It’s just as much MY right that you don’t infect me.

‘We could beat this effing pandemic if people like you would just quit your whining and get vaxxed.’

Bohnak’s Facebook followers were split with his vaccine reluctance, with some bashing him
Added Mathew Parker Dixon: ‘Dude, you’re an old s***. Someone your age does not have a 99 percent survival rate for Delta.’

Others praised Bohnak for taking a stance against the vaccine, which has received full FDA approval for those aged 12 and older.

‘God bless you for standing up,’ said Cynthia Smith Kraemer. ‘Your God-given immunity is much better.’

‘Thank you for holding the line,’ said Molly Jane Wentzel. ‘So many of us appreciate you for that! This will all come to light soon!’

Bohnak maintained that vaccine mandates are taking away the personal freedoms of Americans.

The weatherman says he has ‘authority over my body’ and shouldn’t be forced to be to be inoculated against a virus that has killed 674,000 Americans since it took hold last March
‘The abrogation of our liberty and freedom under the guise of a pandemic is very disturbing to me,’ he said. ‘Hopefully, whether you lean right or left, you are concerned about what has occurred the last year-and-a-half.

‘I just wanted to go about my business, “live and let live”, and keep my mouth shut. But this act by the federal government through corporate America has brought me to a crossroads. Our way of life, our freedom and liberty, is collapsing before our eyes.’

Gray Television said it would not comment on personal matters, but provided Dailymail.com with a copy of its vaccination policy.

It required all employees in a management position to be fully vaccinated by September 15, and all other workers to be fully vaccinated by October 1.

Bohnak is the latest television personality to lose their job over vaccine mandates.

ESPN reporter Allison Williams said earlier this month that she will not be working on the sidelines of college football games this season.  She said she refused to comply with the network’s vaccine mandate because she and her husband were trying to conceive their second child.

–with files from dailymail.co.uk


  1. I am with Karl Bohnak 100 percent. I felt bullied into getting the vaccine, supposably so I could travel throughout the USA. I wish I hadn’t fell for the guilt trip if I hadn’t gotten it. I am proud of Karl and I now choose not to watch his former TV station. You Rock Karl!!

  2. Those who willing give up their Constitutional Freedoms for the vailed promise of protection neither deserve their freedoms nor it’s protection. So don’t come crying when suddenly all your Democratic Rights are gone.

  3. If that’s his attitude, good riddance. I hope he stays home with his tinfoil hat on and hibernates there so he won’t infect anyone should he get it. Another selfish person revealed.

  4. “The weatherman says he has ‘authority over my body’ and shouldn’t be forced to be to be inoculated against a virus that has killed 674,000 Americans since it took hold last March”

    You guys have to really stop treating correlation as being equivalent to causation.
    So for the above quote, if they test positive for covid and later die, it’s automatically assumed that covid caused their death.

    Doesn’t seem to matter if you had a heart attack, that you were shot in the head or were involved in a motorcycle accident, it’s all covid, all the time.

    That’s what “trust the Science™” means and has no relation to the scientific method whatsoever.

    Equivalent logic would be that if you died with an orange in your hand, clearly, holding the orange was the cause of your death and that if we can prevent the holding of oranges throughout the world, we can prevent similar deaths.

    • The evidence, data & trends all show that if you maintain flu season like precautions (appropriate distancing & personal hygiene) then you’ll be perfectly fine and won’t contract covid. Even if you did contract it as long as you’re not infirm (with existing secondary and tertiary medical conditions), elderly or obese then you’ll be just fine. 99% of the symptomatic cases are medically resolved relatively quickly and easily. Did you not notice that front line workers, delivery drivers, etc have the lowest covid rates and near zero fatalities?
      Then again, if you’re afraid to go out and catch covid just go stand in lines at walmart or costco, take your mask off and sit at a table in a restaurant surrounded by strangers – you’ll be safe – otherwise those would have serious restrictions, right?
      The media NEEDS your fear & paranoia, they CRAVE it. It’s driving their click revenue.
      News media outlet viewership has never been higher.

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