Latest Polls Indicate a Liberal Win both Nationally and Locally


With just three days before the Federal election, the polls have turned back in favour of a Liberal win both locally and nationally – according to the latest results from numerous polls. now projects the odds of Liberal Terry Sheehan keeping his seat for the Sault Ste. Marie riding at 65% compared to Conservative candidate Sonny Spina who has fell to just a 27% chance of taking the seat.

The latest poll indicates Sheehan with 34% of the vote with Spina falling to 31% . Marie Morin-Strom from the NDP has notched up a point to 28%. Kasper Makowski also took a small hit to 7.1% support.

CBC poll tracker still has Justin Trudeau’s Liberals leading with 31.7% followed closely by Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives at 31.2% support.

The Nanos national tracking poll has similar results with Liberals at 31.9 % and the Conservatives at 30.4% as of September 16.

Abacus Data shows Liberals at 34% nationally with Conservatives with 30%.

ISPOS show the Liberals with a more comfortable lead. Justin Trudeau would receive 37% of the vote, 3 points ahead of the Conservatives and Erin O’Toole (34%). Jagmeet Singh and the NDP would receive 23% of the vote, with the Green (2%), and the People’s Party of Canada (1%) trailing.

Compared to the national polling numbers, the Liberals are up by four points (33%) in the 905, whereas the Conservatives (32%) and the NDP (21%) are only up by two points. If the Conservatives want to form the next election, they have to turn the 905 from red to blue.

Locally, an online poll from shows a much different picture with Conservatives taking 53% of the vote in the Sault compared to Liberals only taking 30% of the vote.

Nonetheless, election night could still be a barn burner on the national level and locally. The only poll that really matters is the result of the election.

You can watch Live, Local election night coverage on, – coverage begins at 8:30pm.  Don’t expect a clear winner though, Elections Canada warns that a winner may not be declared for days following the election because of the high volume of mail-in votes that will not begin to be counted until the next day.


  1. There are some Canadian voters that are like the French in World War 2 . They kept their mouths shut during the war , but secretly kept numerous Flags to unfurl depending on who’s army came marching into town that day. Canadians need to show their colors and stand up for Democracy and The Charters of Rights and Freedoms in Canada. Tomorrow , voting day is the only day that Canadians can exercise their Democratic Rights that can have a impact on how Canada is to go forward into the future. It’s simple , you can vote for A Democratic Leader or Mr. Trudeau who is steering Canada into a direction that resembles a Communist State.

  2. Who says Mr. Trudeau doesn’t control the media: I was watching the video about Mr. Trudeau saying he was going to make it a Federal Crime to protest near hospitals. Mr. Trudeau plans on making it a Federal Crime if you protest against him. Well . I turned it off and began watching Mr. O’Toole video, the video wouldn’t run and kept returning me to Mr. Trudeau’s video. This went on for awhile and I kept being returned to Mr. Trudeau’s video. I had to turn my computer off to exit that video , when I found and turned on Mr. O’Toole’s video it disappeared about a quarter way through. Hmmm. this isn’t the first time this has happened while I was watching Mr. O’Toole’s speeches or video’s . Don’t they do that in Dictatorships.

  3. I hope all hunters , members of Rifle Associations and Sportsman’s Clubs vote against Mr. Trudeau next Monday. If Mr. Trudeau wins a Majority Government he plans on making it illegal to own or possess hunting rifles of any caliber.

  4. I was just reading this : Mr. Trudeau wants to thank the Canadian Forces for the great job they have done. Wasn’t it a member of the Canadian Forces that failed in his attempted assassination of MR. Trudeau.

  5. I see the Liberals are asking for Native votes , they say this could swing the vote into the Liberals favor. I wonder what the Liberals’ Mr. Trudeau promised the Natives this time , he didn’t hold his promise to them last time. In any case it’s the Canadian taxpayer that will be footing the bill again. Canadians will have to wait until Sept. 21 /2021 to hear the results, in the meantime we will have to listen to the Liberal owned media propaganda and shift through the news for the truth. In the meantime Mr. Trudeau is selling Canadian resources in the Ring of Fire to China . China is that communist country in which Mr. Trudeau admires and plans on modeling Canada after it. I’d send my children to school to learn Chinese if your smart.

  6. It is 2016 all over with leftist news plugging their ears and calling the opposition “deplorables” “antivaxxers” “basement people” (it’s like they read The Time Traveller and decided morlocks weren’t on the nose enough) and beating the drum

    Let’s hope Canada is smarter than their vocal Twitter users.

  7. If that happens then we’d better prepare ourselves for the continued deterioration and rot of this community and Canada.
    Mexico is looking better, cheaper and safer every day.

  8. The so-called swing back is not due to increasing popularity towards Trudeau. It is due to the constant changes in policy by the Conservatives. It was a sure win for the Cons until they chose the TOOL over Peter McKay. That makes it 2 times in a row the Cons put forth a candidate that could not get the support of voters. When will they learn?

    • The old Reform part of the party are still calling the shots, they need to learn that Canadians for the most part are not that far right. Once they actually get a party leader that is more like the old Progressive Conservatives, then they will have a legit shot again

  9. Seriously !!!!!! Justin Trudeau just borrowed another $424 Million today. And he put it on your tab. Folks, we have got to wake up & smell the coffee. Why don’t we ask Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould what she thinks of his royal highness, junior justin trudeau !!!! The scandals, the obstruction of justice charges, the groping allegations that trudeau dismisses by saying” she experienced things differently” when she didn’t want his advances. My God folks, what’s it going to take for this pompous guy to do before the majority of us state……..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with this guy. Please, cast your vote on Sept. 20. We can’t afford not to get rid of him. Good luck to all of us who are left to pay among everything else, the $610 Million bill for this ill timed, dangerous & self serving election. Make him pay folks !!!!!!!!!

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