Legacy of Residential Schools


Submitted by : Rebecca Wabigwan (Grade 12 student at Kina Awiiya Secondary School)

Aaniin boozhoo,

September 30th, 2020, marks the first National day in history for Truth and Reconciliation. A new federal statutory holiday meant to recognize the legacy of residential schools, acknowledging the lost children, their families and communities who are continually impacted from residential schools.

We wear orange on this day as a reminder of the tragic and painful truth that has been left with our people.

Although this is not a public holiday, and only federally regulated workplaces (such as federal government, post offices, etc.) will be closed, is it important to respectfully educate everyone about our true history on this day.  In honor of Every Child Matters, students and staff at Kina Awiiya school wear  orange shirts and volunteer their time tying orange ribbons on the fence surrounding the school.



  1. I am surprised he even got back in. He only got in in the first term do to making more drugs legal so he got all the younger votes. We need someone that cares about Canada & not filling his pockets with our money & all the free trips & many other things he get or takes behind our backs. I wish we could fire him, if we did that on our jobs we would be fires & fast.

  2. And on Canada’s first ever Truth & Reconciliation Day what was our PM doing?
    His official itinerary claimed he was in Ottawa for meetings, but when his airplane was spotted landing near Tofino today the PMO claimed his itinerary was changed to meet with Indigenous families. However when that second lie was called out the PMO admitted he was in Tofino vacationing with family for a few days.
    So much for Truth & Reconciliation. Only days into being re-elected and just more of the same lies.
    What did we expect?

  3. It does not matter who you are or where you are from “Every Child Matters” & it breaks my heart as to what happened to your Native Children In The Past. My heart goes out to all the people that were affected by this tragically. Heaven forbid this should ever happen again.

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