Liberals Gain in Last Week of Campaign


The final week of the Federal election campaign starts with a bump in the polls for the local Liberals. reports a full 2 point lead for Liberal Terry Sheehan as of Sunday September 12th with 34% followed by Conservative Sonny Spina falling to 32% . Spina has seen the biggest drop after taking the lead for the majority of the campaign locally.

Local PPC candidate Kasper Makowski has seen the biggest increase however, rising to 8.6% – the largest increase of any local candidate.

Marie Morin-Strom continues to be in third place, falling from second when the campaign was kicked off.  Sault Ste. Marie is seen as an NDP stronghold in the past, but as the Federal NDP continue to slide so does the local candidate.

Interestingly enough, an online poll on the homepage shows a different outcome.  The poll is not scientific but does show Conservative Sonny Spina with 53% of the vote followed by Liberal Terry Sheehan with just 30% and NDP with 11% of those who voted. PPC comes in at 6%. That’s from 3944 who took part in the poll thus far.

Advance polling was conducted over the weekend. Mail-In ballots also begin this week. The election will be held Monday, September 20 but a winner may not be decided for several days as the mail-in vote begins.


  1. The Liberals only need to win the majority of seat in Ontario and Quebec . Upper and Lower Canada , that is how the system was set up when Canada was created. Some from the East and West coast , Mr. Trudeau don’t really need the West to win the election , besides they mostly vote of the Democratic Conservatives. Ontario belongs to Mr. Trudeau , that is where the majority of the ridings are and where the majority of immigrants live , immigrants normally vote for the person that brought them into a country. Hopefully he will just win a minority government, but be prepared to live under the Covid-19 Health Emergency Act indefinitely . The Emergency Act gives Mr. Trudeau more control over our Democratic Parliament and the ability to pass laws without the Democratic process of the Democratic Parliament. Just remember to vote for DEMOCRACY.

  2. Just remember in this election we are not voting for a person who may have more charisma or you like better , your voting for the Party and what it stands for:
    Conservatives verse Liberal or
    Democracy verse Dictatorship.

  3. I see Mr. Trudeau is now saying he will make it a Federal Office for anyone this case anti-vaxxers ) to pricket outside of hospitals which may prevents health care workers for doing there jobs. In all it sounds reasonable to the average person but what’s really behind it. Well he’s using the Corid-19 as a tool just to get votes and portray Canadian who are just using their Constitutional Rights of free choice as anti-Canadians. Next Mr. Trudeau will probably add antivaxxers to the list of racists and bigots , that’s one way of getting rid of the competition , just create Federal laws and arrest them.

  4. Just remember what the liberal polls said in 2016 in the US.

    The left have a strong tendency to pretend that their opponents don’t exist, delete opposing commentary, laugh and mock instead of engage in good faith, etc.

    The 20th should be interesting.

  5. Personally what REALLY pisses me off and should every other Canadian is the fact that Mr. Trudeau is literally pissing on Canadians. It’s well documented that Mr. Trudeau considers White Canadians and French Canadians bigots and racists . Mr. Trudeau’s in your face approach is using Canadians taxpayers money to literally displace these bigots and racists with Muslims and other peoples from the middle East. People just don’t see it because it’s happening slowly and all over Canada’s small towns and cites. He cares little for White Canadians , he is the first PM of Canada to do his elected job to work for all Canadians, instead he uses the power of his office to destroy DEMOCRACY and The CHARTER OF RIGHTS and FREEDOMS that is the cornerstone of the CANADA we all love.

  6. The lieberal BS just keeps flowing from Ottawa. As long as we have to bear, with extreme agonizing and nauseating anguish, to this fake, pompous and “do or say anything to win” pm, justin trudeau, this once proud Country will suffer. And, now, as the writing is on the wall, trudeau & his sidekick jugmeet will continue to waste & spend tax dollars like drunken sailors. The best the libs will get is exactly where we are now, a minority gov’t backed by their cousins, the ndp. $610 Milllion in tax dollars siphoned down the drain by this pm who decided he wanted a majority……. at any cost, even loss of Canadian lives during this horrible, merciless pandemic. Polls show the libs are ahead ??????? Unbelievable folks !!!!!!!!!! Please, please cast your vote. Sept. 20.

  7. I can sorry to say the people can be manipulated and programed to believe a straight out lie. The Liberals are not stupid , they use social media and scientific methods to sway people to their side. It’s called social engineering , or back in the day it was called Propaganda , the art of lying. Mr. Trudeau at least will win a minority government , he has , GTA “The Greater Toronto Area ” Locked up. I am not even sure the is a White Canadian even running in GTA area , only Immigrants that he brought to Canada. Mr. Trudeau Liberals has approximately 90 candidates running and the PC has about 43 candidates running in Ontario if I remember correctly . The odds for Democracy in Canada are not good.

  8. If the Conservatives had gone with Peter McKay as their party leader there would be no way Trudeau could have won. Voters don’t know O’Toole and he has changed his mind too much as the campaign wore on. The end result…another minority Liberal government.

  9. Who cares what these dumb polls say, the Fiberals are not happening, they’re simply can’t be that many people dumb enough to support any more of their Canada killing moves.

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