Liberals move forward for Sault Ste. Marie

Prime Minister Trudeau and MP Terry Sheehan visit the Algoma production complex in Sault Ste. Marie. March 14, 2018. /// Le premier ministre Trudeau et le député Terry Sheehan visitent le complexe de production d’Algoma à Sault Ste. Marie. 14 mars 2018.

Today, Bill Blair, Liberal candidate for Scarborough Southwest, joined Terry Sheehan, Liberal candidate for Sault Ste. Marie, to highlight how a re-elected Liberal team will move Canada forward – for everyone

Canadians have been resilient and determined in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they deserve a real plan that will create jobs, grow the middle class, and build a better path forward. Forward. For Everyone. is that plan, and only the Liberal Party has the team that can finish the fight against COVID-19 and build back a better Canada that leaves no one behind.

“During my tenure as a Member of Parliament, the Liberal​s ha​ve invested over 750 million dollars in the Sault and area. This was the result of hard work and a team approach. This is precisely the approach and effort that is needed to end the pandemic, build our economy back stronger and tackle the climate crisis head on”, said Terry Sheehan, Liberal Candidate for Sault Ste. Marie.

Bill Blair and Terry Sheehan heard directly from workers and labour groups this morning about the impacts of the pandemic on the region and the importance of government actions, including emergency funding, border measures and procuring vaccines, in keeping our community safe and healthy. They also spoke about major investments in the region, including the recent $420M investment to support Algoma Steel’s transition to greener production, which will cut emissions and fight climate change while supporting hundreds of good middle-class jobs.

The Liberal platform will continue to get our communities through the pandemic and build a better future for all Canadians. Together we will:

● Accelerate climate action by creating new green jobs, cutting pollution in the oil and gas sector, and making our communities cleaner with zero-emission vehicles;
● Help Canadians find a home of their own by saving first time homebuyers up to $30,000, helping 1.4 million families find a home, and protecting the rights of Canadians and taking action against speculators;
● Deliver $10 a day child care and create more child care spaces;
● Keep Canadians healthy with transformative investments in the strength of our universal, public health care system, in primary care, long term care, and mental health;
● Create safer communities and help save lives by bringing forward a comprehensive strategy to address problematic substance use to end the opioid crisis and improve access to treatment;
● Finish the fight against COVID-19 by supporting proof-of-vaccination credentials and mandatory vaccines for people travelling on planes and trains;
● Support workers and their families by extending the Canada Recovery Hiring Program, introducing legislation to prohibit the use of “scabs” and increasing the number of training opportunities for workers.

“Whether my job was as Toronto’s Chief of Police, the MP for Scarborough Southwest, or Canada’s Minister for Public Safety, my top priority has always been keeping the people I serve safe” said Bill Blair, Liberal candidate for Scarborough Southwest. “The Liberal plan to tackle climate change, implement $10 a day daycare, keep assault weapons off our streets, and many other measures will improve the lives of all Canadians. Terry Sheehan knows this, and that’s why he is the right person to serve Sault Ste Marie as your voice in Ottawa, and help us move forward with these ambitious policies.”

While Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives will cut services that Canadians rely on, Liberals are moving forward to finish the fight against COVID-19 and build back a better Canada — for everyone.


  1. He Mr. Trudeau wins a Majority Government I am going to fly my boats flag at half mast with the Chinese Flag overlaid on it. It will be the end of the of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Democracy in Canada.

  2. Mr. Dressup has squandered over half a billion dollars on an unnecessary election that he is going to lose. If that’s what is necessary to see him gone, so be it. Blowhard Terry Sheehan will also be gone.

  3. Remember what Mr. Trudeau said: now is not the time for a Federal Election during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Now when the opposition parties had let their guard down he announces an election. Clearly, Mr. Trudeau can’t be trusted , he’ll lie through his teeth to reach his own goals. Mr. Trudeau has been withholding federal funds to the Western Provinces, as we all known you need lots of money to fight the Covide-19 pandemic. It’s all part of the Liberal campaign to make the Conservative Party look bad so the Liberals will win the Federal election.

  4. how can anybody look at what’s going on in Alberta and think “Gee I think conservatives can steer us out of covid”.

    The conservatives in their present state are unelectable. Climate, Covid, and Gun Control policy makes them completely batsheet.

  5. Mike D. You have it right about the borders , their open. Michigan recreational boaters are now fishing in Canadian waters , free to fish in Canadian/Michigan waters without reporting their coming or going. Probably some are landing , who knows . There is no OPP or Canadian Coast Guard patrols to prevent them from doing so. All is good though , Mr. Trudeau only cares about
    the tourist dollars , not the few and expendable Canadian that die as long as the State survives.

  6. Liberal Terry Sheehan said on Soo Today ..In my 24 years of door knocking this year I have received the best reception ever, people are looking forward to working with me and the Liberal Party. That’s the best laugh I had all day. If he knocks on any doors it’s only the homes of Liberal members . He obviously never came to my house, I would of kicked the ^%$( off my property.

  7. -No help with the judicial system, leaving thieves and drug addicts free to roam our yards.
    -Potentially wanting me to relinquish the semi-automatic shotgun my Grandfather passed down in our family. Which every member of my family has been trained and licensed to own.

    You’ve lost my vote, already …

  8. Terry Sheehan is an absolute clone of his self righteous, incompetent boss, Justin Trudeau !!!! And folks, that is not meant to be a complement !!!! Terry never answers a question. These libs are experts at that….. and they keep getting away with it, thanks mostly to our very liberal media. Folks, we have to get rid of these lieberals and we, as well as our kids & grandkids can not afford not to. The liberal created $2 Trillion DEBT is fast approaching !!!!! Please get out and cast your vote on Sept. 20.

  9. What a load!
    Climate change – Terry voted against an accountability bill to ensure the feds are meeting the goals they’re so heavily taxing Canadians over.
    Homes – The soon to be hyperinflation caused by Trudeau’s reckless spending will result in a collapse.
    Safer communities – Terry voted against stiffer sentences for violent criminals and gun crimes, the ones that are plaguing our community.
    You want to fight COVID?? MANAGE THE BORDERS!! Stop the irregular crossings, ease up on immigration at the moment, stop the loopholes allowing foreign “essential” travelers to avoid quarantines & isolation.
    Before you vote – look at Sheehan’s voting record. He is NOT taking our community into account. Trudeau is brutal for making MPs vote party lines and not allow free votes.
    We can’t afford any more time with Sheehan or Trudeau. Is Canada better or worse off since 2015? Definitely worse.
    Trudeau literally just got called out by a Global reporting during an interview for calling First Nations impatient with their drinking water. It’s been six years of broken promises!

  10. I guess the Sault did not need a visit from the PM…nor did any other leader of a major party bother with us. The NDP leader was in Tbay and Sudbury but somehow missed the Sault.

    • It’s says a lot when our current MP is not engaged at all while actively campaigning.
      How many times has Terry not bothered to even answer any questions that local media outlets ask?
      How hard will he work when he can’t even be bothered to answer questions. Or maybe his supreme leader won’t allow it?

      • You can be sure Justin makes all his members tow the party line. Terry simply publishes whatever Justin sends out. The PM must be sure of a Sault win or he would be here. Let’s disappoint them on election day.

    • i know steve, those numbers coming out of Alberta right now are are hoax. Covid is a hoax. Please do not vote in these conservative conspiracy theorists. The world does not need mores STeve’s.

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