Liberals Take Bigger Lead In Sault Riding


It’s been a close race since the start of the campaign, but with just 5 days before the Federal Election, Liberal Terry Sheehan is showing gains according to

In a projection posted this morning, Sheehan has moved a full 3 point lead over Conservative Sonny Spina.  Sheehan sits at 34% with Spina falling to 31%.

Marie Morin-Strom remains in the third position pulling 27% while PPC’s Kasper Makowski is pulling 8.2% .

The race is different on the national level with a dead heat race between Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Toole. CBC Poll tracker reports one of the tightest elections in decades with Liberals taking 31.9 % Conservatives at 31.3% while NDP are stuck in third with 19%.

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338Canada projects the odds of winning the Sault riding like this, Liberals 61% chance of winning, Conservatives at 31%.

In the 2019 Election 338Canada projected Liberals winning with 35.9% the actual result was 39%  While the site projected the Conservatives with 29.2% and the actual vote was 32.2%  In 2019 The Trudeau Liberals won a minority government.


  1. Lets not forget about those GROPPING charges against Mr. Trudeau. Than, there was the assault charge . ( that disappeared also ) against Mr. Trudeau for pushing aside a woman Minister of Parliament during question period. These speak to the character of Mr. Trudeau , it shows that he cares only for himself , he is self centered and seems to think that he can do what he wants. Mr. Trudeau will use Canadians and Canada in the same way , we are just a means to a end to reach his goals.

  2. Awe….Bruce must have removed my thread about the Liberals doling out 61 Million dollars to media prior to announcing the election. He has a good editor in Craig who politely and respectfully responded. My feelings are hurt.

  3. ..& this is why Mayor Punkin’ Head & the Liberals forced mail in ballots & Dominion counting machines. There’s is absolutely no way these lying phucking Liberals are pulling a lead here in the Sault.

    & I swear the next phucking Nit-wit that tells me to strap on a face-diaper or what to shove in my arm is getting knocked ‘THE-PHUCK’ out.!! plain simple & (period).

    Enough is enough..

  4. Is Mr. Trudeau elected or planted as PM. As if scripted in a CBC television production, over the final two weeks Justin Trudeau’s Liberals begin to gain momentum , as it occurred in 2015 and 2019. The Toronto Star and such begin to roll out uncut gems to crush the opposition. The Conservative Party harbors racist candidates , their leader is anti-abortion. Anti-vaxxers populate the Party .The CPC are against the carbon tax and gun control. A giant coincidence, is it. For six years these topics have formed the core of the Liberal policy. Justin Trudeau is going to win this election , the United Nation want it , China wants it along with a score of Middle Eastern Countries. Our only hope is that he only wins a minority government.

  5. Where does this Data come from?

    I have not talked to anyone who is voting Liberal yet…. Most people were somehow tricked into a second term for Trudeau…. We’ve literally gone to hell in a hand basket… Any farther down the toilet, and we won’t even plug it up… We have to vote for our rights or we won’t have any.

  6. The Conservatives could have run away with this election if they had chosen a better leader…someone like Peter McKay would have put Justin in his place. O’Toole is too meek and mild and has given Justin another minority.

  7. Short history of Canadian politics

    Vote in the Liberals.
    Get mad at the Liberals, vote in Conservatives.
    Get mad at the Conservatives, vote in the Liberals.
    Get mad at the Liberals, vote in Conservatives.
    Get mad at the Conservatives, vote in the Liberals.
    Get mad at the Liberals, vote in Conservatives.
    Get mad at the Conservatives, vote in the Liberals.

    History is just going to repeat itself again this time around.

    • Ok? This doesn’t give Trudeau a free pass. He must go. CPC protest vote is the only way that can reasonably happen and get this country open again before we get silly with vaccine passports. STEVE

  8. PREDICTION : Trudeau’s liberals will win a minority government. The liberals will then, with the support of their cousins, Jugmeet’s ndp, will spend this once proud Country into….. OBLIVION !!! That’s right folks, keep this in mind if you’re thinking of voting for either of these 2 drunken sailors….. Hang on to your wallets…… the worst of these 2 is yet to come.

  9. Folks, let’s talk about TRUST !!!! We all now know, for a fact, that this $610 Million federal election was called for 1 reason & 1 reason only. TRUDEAU WANTS A MAJORITY !! Plain & simple !!! And we now know, realistically, Trudeau will not get it. Thank God !!! Now, you may want to think about Trudeau’s credentials ?? Well, they have not changed. He’s still the p/t drama/snowboard instructor who only had 1 attribute,… his last name !!! What about his ethics ? Scruples, morals, decency as a human being, does he truly care for Canadians, while calling this dangerously, ill timed election ?? Folks, there’s 3 people, 3 former female liberal MPs who’s opinion should resonate, before we cast our vote on Sept. 20. Those highly regarded, professional, decent, intelligent human beings are Ms Jody Wilson-Raybould, Dr. Jane Philpott and Ms Celina Caesar-Chavaness. I think their opinion of so-called feminist pm should seriously matter. Their very credible !!!! Jody Wilson-Raybould’s book is just out !! Looks like someone is lying, is it Trudeau or is it his former Justice Minister ??? Caesar-Chavaness is backing the Conservative in her own riding. Folks, we have a decision to make this Monday. We should listen to the revealing opinions of these 3 former liberals. Most of us, I believe, will know & make the right decision when it comes to the true moral ethics, true motivations, true inner workings of this pm, when you cast your vote. Good luck to us all. Thank you for listening.

    • Also the fact that the liberals won’t hand over the papers for the two Chinese people fired from the Winnipeg infectious disease lab, liberals are or at least were going to take the speaker of the house to court to hide these details!!!

      • The Lab in Winnipeg was also involved in the making of this virus and exposing it to the world, along with Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schab, and China. Trudeau had his deputy minister Chrysta Freeland and his Minister of Health, Patty Hajdu involved in a virtual meeting with his buddy – Klaus Schab,”The Great Reset” Satanic Buddy. That is another reason why this election was called. Trudeau is Evil and has Blood on his hands along with his above mentioned Satanic, Evil Creatures and has been hiding this info from Canadians who are demanding that he hand over all papers as to why these Chinese lab workers were fired from the Winnipeg lab! Hopefully with the Defeat of Justin Trudeau, the Truth will be revealed!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, SAULTITES – DO NOT VOTE LIBERAL!!

  10. Polls cannot be trusted.

    Remember the recent landslide conservative victory in Nova Scotia? The polls predicted a liberal shoe in. Remember Hillary Clinton’s projected “victory”? Didn’t happen, did it? The polls in both cases were dead wrong.

    There are other polls in the media which differ from the .338 presented in this article

    Please get out and vote. Don’t assume, please, that the polls have the election results all sewn up, so there is no point in voting. At this stage, there are some mainstream media and journalists who probably would love you to believe this, so that you will sit at home on Sept. 20.
    Please vote. The most accurate ‘poll’ is the one the voters (you and me) actually make up by voting on election day.

  11. It’s interesting as you show the graph and have the headline….but to the very right; your own poll suggests that the Conservatives are 9oo votes ahead. It is curious why Superior would put this out there. On another note; Rebel News broke a story yesterday via the Freedom of Information act that 1500 companies/media were recently given $61 million dollars of pre election funding. Is Superior Media on that list? Just curious…Cheers

  12. Only according to 338Canada’s biased nonsense. All other local polls continue to show the opposite.
    Seeing as the author continues to spout this source I’m beginning to suspect this may be an attempt at local election influence.

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