Live: 2021 Federal Election Results



  1. So let me wrap my mind around this…
    Violent gun & gun crime has increased annually which began about a year after Trudeau was elected.
    Rather than make things tougher for criminals he rolled out C-75, reduced sentences, eliminated mandatory minimum sentences.
    Covid is destroying our lives – Trudeau failed to secure the borders, then acted a whole year too late and left many loopholes followed by turning away vaccine production labs that wanted to start up in Canada and stead went for Chinese vaccines which fell through.
    Food prices are too high and Trudeau’s government voted down tax relief for Canadian farmers.
    We struggle to pay bills & heat our homes and Trudeau rolled out an annually increasing carbon tax.
    He’s applying state censorship with what we say and even shows we watch.
    More ethics violations, etc than any other Canadian leader.
    He’s such a toxic cabinet manager and fake feminist that women under his command have quit and even been so upset with him that they wrote a book.
    He’s more controlling & muzzling than Stephen Harper (for which he was run out of office).
    His economic and fiscal foolishness has lead to the higher inflation rate in decades and is on track for hyperinflation.
    Yet Canada voted him back in.
    What utters fools.

  2. Canada can expect that Mr. Trudeau will begin work ASSP to bring in new immigrants, including those Haitians camping out at the Texas/Mexican border. Mr. Trudeau will want a Majority Government next election and he will need more immigrant voters. It’s clear to me and many other Canadians that his purpose of bringing in so many immigrants ( one million 2022-2023 ) is for more votes and to stay in power. Canada brings in more immigrants each year than any other country in the World. Isn’t there some criminal laws or something written into the Canadian Constitution that forbids the PM of Canada from using the Canadian taxpayers money for his personal gain. ( Mr. Trudeau will probably declare Canada needs new immigrants to fill jobs in Canada )

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