Local couple turns life event into life goal


Bob and Linda Jach were enjoying hard earned retirement–spending time in Florida, golfing and enjoying their family and time together.  A diagnosis changed all of this in a moment.  As has happened to many before them, a life-changing discussion with a medical professional sent them down a road that they never had anticipated nor visualized for themselves.

In a previous article https://saultonline.com/2021/09/retired-family-man-with-incurable-blood-cancer-participates-at-sault-ste-marie-multiple-myeloma-march/, SaultOnline brought the details of the journey that has brought this couple to the forefront of this battle.

Multiple Myeloma.  Although it is the second most common form of blood cancer, the Jachs soon discovered that little was known about this condition that attacks the plasma cells in bone marrow.  Even more alarming was the discovery of what little knowledge people in general had about this disease.

They soon came to know that the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma comes with a connection to a very significant community of those affected – those managing the condition, including patients and their caregivers.  With a collective goal of simultaneously raising awareness of as well as funds to combat this condition through finding effective therapies and ultimately, a cure, this group of advocates works towards this goal through the annual March for Multiple Myeloma.

This year, as per ongoing COVID-19 concerns and precautions, the event is shifting to a virtual platform.  The Jachs are opting to participate this upcoming Sunday, September 12th.  To support their team, please access this link here.

In speaking with the Jachs, their optimism and enthusiasm was palpable.  As always, there is strength to be found in numbers, and comfort in community.

To learn more about Multiple Myeloma click on this link https://www.myelomacanada.ca/en.


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