Mayor Provenzano speaks about weekend shooting

Sault Police Service have a section of apartments taped off early September 19, 2021 (Dan Gray/

With calls from the public becoming louder and SaultOnline’s front page poll showing more support for increased police funding, it appears as though our readers want to know what Mayor Christian Provenzano’s position was and what he had done with regards to the shooting which occurred over the weekend.

We reached out to Provenzano with the questions our readers had posed to us. Mainly, has the Mayor reached out to the officer and his family? And secondly, would he consider any increase in police funding if it was brought to him as a member of the Police Services Board.

Here was his response-

“Our thoughts are with the officer as he recovers from his injury, and I wish him the best. I was able to convey my thoughts and the support of the community to both the officer and his family. Being a police officer is a difficult job that is getting more challenging. Our officers work hard to serve our residents in difficult and often dangerous situations and I thank them for their service.

I also want to recognize and acknowledge the family and friends of the young man who was killed in the incident. They have suffered a loss which I expect is deep and difficult to deal with. I hope they can find some level of peace as they deal with their loss.”

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  1. Typical politician’s reply… didn’t answer the question. The money being spent on his vanity legacy project downtown could be better spent to assist the community in what the community needs such as practical health and safety. He’ has said he’s not running again – so won’t be around when the whole project becomes a disaster.

  2. Typical politician’s response… Didn’t answer the question. Can assist the community in putting city money into things that really help the community. His vanity legacy project will not help the community as a whole. Notice he’s not running again so will not be affected when oer projects becomes a disaster.

  3. Further to AMcG response to John. There may only be 4-5 ambulance calls per truck when averaging, but each call could take up to 3 hrs depending on location, scene times including extrication restrictions, off load at the hospital is a big one right now. So now your 5 calls take 12-15 hrs to complete if each has these delays to work with. Thats not giving any consideration for meals as well.

  4. We need more police, we need more firefighters, we need more paramedics, we need more cooks, we need more bottle washers, we need more of everything, but unfortunately we cannot afford them… The cost of inflation has been huge, they keep hiking minimum wage which is increasing the cost of good, and then they dont do anything to support people on a pension, etc. to reflect these increases so how can you expect to pay for these services. The other issue is are they effectively deploying the resources. If you look at the paramedic call volumes, they really aren’t that bad per truck, per shift… 17000 calls equals 46.5 calls in a 24 hour shift, divide that by 10 trucks (6 daytime, 4 nighttime) thats 4-5 calls per truck… so the question is, can the staff be better deployed by analyzing the call trends instead of hiring 10 more staff and a new truck at over a million dollars a year? Perhaps then we could allocate more money to policing? Thats just an “example”… not trying to pick on the medics, just using an example of how we may need to get better at using the resources effectively vs. just continuing to throw money at it left right and centre to try and fix the problems.. We can only afford so much, especially those on pensions and reality is this community is aging, so lots of people on fixed incomes!

    • You make some good points John, but I sincerely believe that analyzing phone calls won’t really result in any useful information. Since medical emergencies, traffic accidents and overdoses don’t happen on schedules, the volume of calls could be clustered all within the hour of each other or spread out over the 10-12 hour timeframe. Another thing to consider is that there could be 75 calls on one day and 16 the next. I understand you put it as an example but I do agree that something needs to be done.

      I say we start with the Bill C75 to inquire on the actual number of crimes that have been committed, recidivism and the incarceration rate. If someone is arrested for a crime, processed and released through the judicial system’s revolving door within a 24 hr period and then reoffends shortly thereafter, is bill C75 really that awesome? I believe that parts of it are an improvement on the older system but the immediate release of career criminals shouldn’t put the public in further jeopardy because of their ‘rights’.

      • Please check your facts before speak. Doug Ford repealed the increase of minimum wage to $15 that Wynne’s Liberals had slated to take affect. All he did was stop the 2nd increase Wynne had established.

        For your reference:

        Minimum wage was $14 until Oct 1 last year. Then it went to $14.25 until Oct 1, 2021. Next week it goes to $14.35.

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