Morin-Strom on “Flashy Announcements”


While local Liberal and Conservative candidates argue about the value and impact of one-off subsidies to area industry, only the New Democratic Party has a plan to build a long-term national industrial strategy that will create an advanced low carbon manufacturing economy – an economy that will provide good jobs to Canadian workers for years to come.

“For decades now, successive Liberal and Conservative governments have been guilty of negotiating trade deals that put the interests of international investors above the interests of Canadian workers,” said NDP candidate Marie Morin-Strom.

Morin-Strom says that an NDP government will take measures to grow the domestic market for Canadian manufactured goods, and provide strategic supports for steel and other industries that have been long-neglected by Liberals and Conservatives alike.

“When the Liberal government signed a new trade deal with the US that included harmful steel tariffs, it was the New Democrats who successfully fought, alongside labour and industry, to have those tariffs removed,” said Morin-Strom. “Canadian steel mills and workers need a government that’s committed to protecting their jobs in the face of unfair foreign exports, particularly from China.”

Morin-Strom emphasizes that New Democrats are committed to innovative green energy solutions and definitely support the greening of Algoma Steel.  Unlike the Liberals or Conservatives, New Democrats will also use Canadian government infrastructure procurement to support Canada’s steel industry by requiring the use of Canadian-made steel for infrastructure projects across the country.

“Flashy announcements and pork-barrel politics are no substitute for prudent, long-term strategies,” concluded Morin-Strom.