Morin-Strom Seeks Positive Change For Education


Do you think it’s fair that hundreds of thousands of young Canadians enter their working lives with a mountain of debilitating student debt? Marie Morin-Strom and The New Democratic Party of Canada don’t think so, and that’s why they’re committed to positive change for Canada’s post-secondary students.

As a teacher for 15 years in the Algoma region, Marie has seen first-hand the transformative power of education, and she knows that publicly funded education can provide countless opportunities to the people of Sault Ste. Marie. That’s why Marie is especially passionate about affordable and accessible education at all levels, from early learning through to post-secondary.

“I firmly believe in our youth – they are the future of our community. It’s in all of our interests to see them succeed in school and beyond. That’s why access to education should never depend on how much money their parents make or how much debt they can afford to carry. I never want to see anybody in our community give up their dreams because they can’t afford post-secondary tuition.” says Marie.

It’s time to tear down the barriers to quality education entrenched through decades of Liberal and Conservative governments. The New Democrats are committed to working with the provinces and territories to cap and reduce tuition fees, and to ultimately make post-secondary education part of our public education system. They will remove interest from federal student loans and introduce a targeted debt forgiveness program that will forgive up to $20,000 in student debt for post-secondary graduates. In the first year alone, this will wipe out 20% of all student debt and help 350,000 borrowers save money every month.

Marie Morin-Strom will be a strong, passionate voice advocating for this cause in Ottawa. “Accessing financial support for your post-secondary education shouldn’t be a debt sentence – we’ll make sure that our young people can embark on their careers without crushing financial liability.”



  1. Get ready for your new Conservative minority government come Monday. Trudeau should go to jail for spending 600 million dollars on an election that wasn’t even warranted.

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