MTO led operation leads to 20 charges

Sault Ste. Marie Police Services

A Ministry of Transportation led traffic blitz yesterday morning has led to multiple charges.

SaultOnline reached out to Sault Police Services Communications Manager, Lincoln Louttit, this morning for comment on the blitz.

“It was an MTO led initiative we were asked to help with… we had one officer helping with the blitz,” said Louttit. “It in no way affected our ability to respond to other incidents in the city or any ongoing investigations.”

He also said the OPP were part of the blitz as well.

According to a press release sent out by Sault Police Services, the results of the operation are as follows.

  • 652 Vehicles Triaged
  • Nine Charges Issued for Muffler Violations
  • 11 Charges Issued for Other Violations, Three for Unsafe Vehicles
  • Seven Level 1 Inspections
  • 12 Level 2 Inspections
  • Nine Drivers or Vehicles were Deemed Out of Service
  • Two Vehicles were Off-Laoded, and
  • Three Licence Plates were Removed.

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  1. We could only wish and hope that they do something about it but it’s highly unlikely, the problem is daily and frequent. The priorities in this town are totally backwards.

  2. How about the numerous Harleys with no baffles in the exhaust that shake your house and rattle your spine every time they go by? All cruisers should have a handheld db meter in the glove box, they are not expensive and would take a lot of illegal bikes cars and trucks off the road instantly until they comply.

    • I have the same problem at my house. Unnecessarily noisy motorbikes, sports cars and other supped up cars and trucks. Noise pollution is a problem that needs to be addressed. Cant wait till all vehicles are electric. Its time for a crackdown. Cops would make a fortune with noise violations just sitting at the end of my drive way, not to mention the speeders racing up and down the street.

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