Neck and Neck Race In Sault Ste. Marie

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With less than two weeks before the 2021 Federal Election, a neck and neck race between the incumbent Liberal candidate and Conservative candidate Sonny Spina could result in one of the tightest elections in years. published their latest projections for the riding with Liberals climbing back into a slight lead over the Conservatives who took the lead in the second week of the campaign. The Liberals held a comfortable lead in the polls prior to the election call.

The local results continue to mirror a national trend that gives the leading Liberals a slight victory if the election was held today.

At the moment The Liberals could win a minority government (what they have now) or the Conservatives could also form a minority. No party currently has enough seats for a majority win.  There’s still 11 days until Canadians head to the polls and the race could swing either way depending on how Federal leaders perform in national debates in both French and English tonight and Thursday evening.

Local candidates square off for the first time with the ONNtv debate scheduled for 1pm today with repeat broadcasts at 5pm and 7pm Wednesday evening.


  1. For the last six years Mr. Trudeau has done nothing but run down the the country he was elected to serve. Mr. Trudeau seems to be unable to get past the colonization of Canada, ( maybe in part because he himself is an Algonquin Indian , ) or has been socialized by his father to the point where he is unable to rationalize clearly these past events. Mr. Trudeau refers to Canada as a failed nation and blames present day old stock White Canadians for Canada’s present day and past troubles. It is very clear what his Mr. Trudeau’s plans are , replace White , racist , homophobic White Canadians with immigrants from the Middle East and replace the English-English- French culture with the cultures from the Middle East.

  2. If this poll is accurate than SSM voting citizens are fools and deserve even more of the Trudeau damage.
    All Trudeau and Terry have done is speed up the Soo rotting away.

  3. Folks I just found out that they’re having a hard time getting election workers locally. Democracy is not working well with this disastrous ill timed $610 Million tax payer election called by this pompous, incompetent, self righteous so called pm trudeau !!!! Why did this arrogant lieberal leader call this election NOW ????? Because he wants you & I to hand him a MAJORITY !!!!!!!! My God folks,……..unbelievable; trudeau wants complete control, with total disregard for the health of Canadians. Folks, trudeau had the ndp in his back pocket !!!! Please cast your vote on Sept. 20

  4. The USA Today news agency has started calling this a flu. The FDA and WHO has already said all the new variants are of no concern so why the hype for vaxs passports when there is no concern. So vote for the party who is willing to end a non existant false medical emergency.

  5. And yet other polls show differently.
    The 338 Canada website is owned & operated by P.J. Fournier in Quebec which is very much Trudeau leaning. Very often he works hard to call elections early seemingly working hard to sway voters to Liberal.
    Local polls for Spina increasing the gap.
    Fournier is a regular contributor to very left leaning media outlets – looks like those many hundreds of millions of dollars Trudeau gave to media outlets is buying their sway…again.

  6. I am over the fact that a drama teacher has been running our country, as he has been a fantastic actor for the past years, but here’s the issue… Do we want another Doug Ford now running the country? Whats the lesser of the two evils? And god help us if Sonny Spina gets in representing this city, the only thing he’ll be representing is his own and his buddies interests. I witnessed his unethical behaviour and tactics as a police officer, and as a person in general and that is the last person I want sitting in parliament representing our city. So when we hit the polls, (1) do we want the Doug Ford ideals at the forefront of Canadian politics now and; (2) do we want our city represented by someone we truly cannot trust? I put a ligament question forward to Mr. Spina, my post was deleted, no response, and blocked. Is that what we want leading our country? NOPE!

  7. Meh. Ignore whatever the yellow journalists say, head down, vote Trudeau out. PC is the only reasonable protest vote. It’s our last chance to pump the brakes before submitting to COVID insanity is our new way of life.

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