NHSC announces new president and much more



With local sports really starting to kick off, I felt it was time to get an update on our local youth soccer action. I had the pleasure to speak with 3 members from the NHSC, Paul DiBerardino, Neil Ovey and Cosimo Martella. The NHSC announced last week that registrations for all their soccer programs are now open.

The NHSC was also pleased to announce that Neil Ovey has become their new president for the club. Neil explained how he is ready to make a huge impact in the soccer community, “we want to get more kids playing the game, just having fun and get back to the grassroots.” Neil explains in further details that the grass roots of the game is to find the passion for the sport, as young kids start out on their soccer journey. He continues to talk about how it gives kids the chance to just be kids as that has been so hard during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Sticking with the COVID 19 pandemic, Paul Diberardino the NHSC Treasurer, spoke about how the NHSC was still able to run two successful seasons last year while other youth soccer programs really struggled. “We were the only ones to offer recreational soccer last year. We were successful at running a full year.” Paul explained how last year they ran two seasons, one in the fall and one that ran right up to the most recent lock-down.

Getting back to this season, parents might be wondering what they will need for their kids to play soccer this year. To my surprise Cosimo Martella explained you really only need one thing to play soccer this year. ” The kids just need to have some energy which they always do, we supply everything except the shin pads.” Cosimo also explained that all games will be played with no restrictions during the physical games however, there are still a few restrictions that need to be followed. Everyone needs to social distance when they can, and only one parent can be at the field with their kids.

If you are looking to register anyone for the upcoming season, please visit the NHSC’s brand new website www.nhsc.ca. All kids are welcome to join the NHSC season from the age of 4-18. It’s a great way to stay active and make long lasting friendships on the way.

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