Ontario reports 554 new COVID-19 cases, 16 deaths


TORONTO — Ontario is reporting 554 new cases of COVID-19 today, and 16 more deaths – though five of those deaths occurred more than two months ago.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says of those new cases, 418 are either in people not fully vaccinated or their vaccination status isn’t known.

There are 194 people in intensive care units due to COVID-related critical illness, and eight are fully vaccinated, seven are partially vaccinated, 113 are unvaccinated, and the rest have an unknown vaccine status.

There are 115 people on ventilators in the province due to COVID-related critical illness.

Elliott says nearly 84 per cent of Ontarians have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and nearly 77.4 per cent have both doses.

More than 38,000 doses were administered in the previous day.



  1. “Though five of those deaths happened months ago”

    Ok. We get it. Guy gets COVID and falls off a roof two weeks later, another tragic COVID death. Dug up another example from three months ago and want to bump the stats for fear’s sake? Another excuse for a story to justify the next lockdown.

    This isn’t news.

    Vote out Trudeau. Vote out Doug. Get this country and province “open for business.”

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