Updated – Found: Parents seek help locating missing teen

Recent pictures of Ace Webb, 15, missing from Sault Ste. Marie according to mother.

as of 10:45 p.m. September 13, 2021, Ace was returned home by Garden River Police according to his mother.

original story-

A concerned mother has told SaultOnline that her child is missing.

According to Beverly Webb, her son named Ace (Hope) Webb went missing early yesterday morning from their home in the Sault.

He is described as – 15 years of age, approx 5’8, 210 lbs, husky build, short dark brown hair with a bit of curl on top, short on the sides and back, brown eyes, last seen Sunday September 12th, early morning (left while everyone was sleeping anywhere between 6-7:30 am). Clothing unknown, maybe carrying a Puma black backpack, wearing white Puma running shoes.

The family has contacted Sault Ste. Marie Police Services and filed a report. They were also able to tell us the bike Ace was riding on was found.

They believe people in the city know where he is but are not sharing that information. They just want him to come home safe.

If you happen to see Ace, you are requested to call the police.

SaultOnline will keep you updated on this story as they become available.