Passengers told to expect delays after investigation at Toronto Billy Bishop Airport


TORONTO — Passengers at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto are being warned to expect delays after police had to investigate an item found in someone’s luggage.

The airport says the item turned out to be a medical device and there was no threat to public safety.

The passenger terminal at the airport was evacuated earlier on Monday morning and all security screening was paused as police investigated the item.

The airport says the item was found around 7:20 a.m. and the site was declared safe about four hours later.

The airport says normal operations are resuming but passengers should expect delays as airlines get back on schedule.



  1. I haven’t flown in almost 35 years, nor will I ever again. It’s used to be fun to fly, flying there was an enjoyable part of your vacation. Now , security has become a multi-billion dollar business on to itself and jump at every chance prove they are doing their jobs. Now, being herded around like cattle just to take a plane is not needed or necessary. It’s just about controlling people and making money. I drive where ever I go in Canada , it’s free and more enjoyable ….for now at least.

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