People’s Party of Canada responds to COVID questions


COVID has been on the mind of many of our readers for the past 18 months. Last week we asked all the local candidates about it.

It has come to our attention that due to some e-mail issues we missed the response from the People’s Party of Canada. It would have gone along with the others we posted last week.

Here is Kasper Makowski’s complete response-

As promised here is my response to your most recent questions. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer them and to cultivate conversation on such and important local, national and international topic!

The PPC platform states that the present government response to the covid-19 pandemic has had massively negative repercussions on Canadians physical and mental health, economic well-being, as well as to their rights and freedoms.

 My stance and the stance of the People Party of Canada is that we unequivocally oppose the discrimination and segregation of Canadians based on their private medical decisions. Whether that be when a citizen decides it appropriate to wear a mask, visit family or friends or take an emergency authorized use only, or recently expediated FDA approved vaccine (Comirnaty) (aka Pfizer).

Therefore, we reject the idea that a vaccine should or has the legal authority to be mandatory under Provincial legislation such and the Health Care Consent Act our Constitutional law such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

 A People’s Party government will:

Promote a rational and scientific based approach to the pandemic that focuses on maximum government and industry transparency that provides information to the public; promotes discussion and does not prohibit or censor it. Focusing all efforts on the protection of the most vulnerable, encouraging healthily lifestyles and decisions, and the education of the public/ while always guaranteeing the freedom of Canadians to make decisions based on informed consent.

Thanks again for your questions.

We still have not heard from the Liberal Party or NDP on responses on this question.

Stay with SaultOnline as we continue to bring you information to help inform your decision on Election Day, September 20, 2021.


  1. PPC has my vote. I am vaccinated but it should be a choice. It’s not another person’s job to keep others safe, it’s yours. So a person should not have to take a jab to keep some bozo safe. What if that person has medical conditions or other legit reasons to not take it? Are u asking others to risk themselves for your own benefit. Shame on all the PPC haters here.

  2. Since when is it my responsibility to protect other people? If you smoke, drink excessively and eat junk food, is it my fault you get a heart attack? I exercise, eat right, get enough sleep take vitamins to increase my immunity. My body, my responsibility, my choice. It’s not up to me to take a jab just so that you can feel more secure. You do you and I’ll do me.

  3. Any Canadian realize that Mr. Bernie is Mr. Trudeau “bishop” to capitalize few votes from the only option at this moment for Canada, which is PC’s O’Toole.
    Mostly in Quebec, as Mr. Bernier was totally unknown to most Canadians till PM Harper decided to bring him up to a show from the back benches being a no one.
    Mr. Bernier, didn’t pay Harper favor at all, by the contrary, he’d embarrassed himself and Mr. Harper with a childish attitude.
    Politics is to old of a game and all tricks are known to anyone capable of cast a vote.
    When it comes to Mr. Bernier… well, he had to borrow a busty lady from the bikers to attend an invitation from PM Harper… later and when he finally was allowed in the lady’s house… he decided to run away and forgot a manila envelope with highly sensitive information inside… in the end he had to pay for the lady services of returning the envelope to a Court of Law as part of a lawsuit.
    Now… would you really trust a person with the aforementioned conditions? Really?

  4. Oh you care about peoples physical and mental health but won’t protect them from death .. isn’t that mental and physical harm. And you want to go against our constitution.. you thinks one individual rights override the majority and it’s OK one have the right to put another Canadian life in jeopardy. What do you tell our soldiers who gave up their freedom to protect other fellow Canadians . That you are not capable of doing the same sacrifice. Shame

    • Oh you care about peoples physical and mental health? Yes I do
      but you wont protect them from death? No that’s their job. isn’t that mental and physical harm? No, that’s personal responsibility you think one individual rights override the majority? Yes, as the majority have the same right.
      What do you tell soldiers who gave up their freedoms to protect other fellow Canadians: They actually fought for freedom, they did not give it away, I say to them Thank you like I say to everyone that fights for freedom. Thanks for your comment James.

  5. Yeah these people are crazy. The only reasonable protest vote to get us out of lockdown without $2 carbon price gas is PCs. O Toole is not impressive but he is much better than Singh and Maxime.

      • I mean, you’re not breaking anything to me, I said “$2 carbon price gas”, the only reasonable vote is for the CPCs. Even if O’Toole puts the brakes on the carbon tax, that’s enough for me. Something tells me he’ll play nice and says what he needs to say for CBC about carbon tax, firearms, and COVID lunacy, but that he is hiding reasonable opinions under that big folksy uncle exterior of his. We can at least put a tool to work for us, unlike this tepid drama teacher.

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