Peter Chow: Canada Needs To Have Mandates


I have seen firsthand the most catastrophic reaction to an immunization.

35 years ago, in the Plummer Hospital emergency, I saw a 2-year-old baby boy who developed encephalitis after receiving his MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) vaccine.

He was flown to Sick Kids in Toronto, but ended up severely and permanently brain-damaged, in an almost vegetative state, requiring intensive care for the rest of his life.

Encephalitis has been reported in association with administration of measles vaccine in approximately 1 per 1,000,000 doses distributed in North America, which is much lower than the incidence observed with natural measles disease (1 per 1,000 cases).

I trusted Medical Science as to the validity of this enormous cost-benefit ratio and did not hesitate to have my 2 kids receive their MMR vaccine or any other recommended vaccines.
Vaccine refusal is hurting all of us.

The rich countries of Europe and North America made a catastrophic fundamental error in allowing refusal of COVID vaccination at all.

Akin to Donald Trump giving false equivalence to Nazi white supremacists and people protesting their vile ideology,  governments and media, particularly social media, in industrialised Western countries, have shot themselves in the head by allowing anti-vaxxers any oxygen whatsoever.

Misinformation is rampant.

The Internet, both a blessing and a curse, has allowed devilish lies, propaganda and a discredited fraud masquerading as science to infect the minds of millions of people.

Unfortunately, there’s no vaccine that can inoculate someone against a counterfactual, unscientific mindset.

If leaders had just followed purely medical advice and imposed mandates for vaccines and vaccine passports as soon as vaccines were available, Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and the countries of the European Union, would be back to near normal, societally, educationally and economically.

With mandates, well over 95% of eligible populations would have been fully vaccinated already, (the failure to include children in clinical trials in 2020 was a huge blunder), achieving absolute herd immunity and allowing life to return to near-normality, something that still feels so distant now.

Anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists would have their cherished “Free-dumb” back.

As a steadily rising number of fully vaccinated Canadians emerge from hiding to test the gradual return to pre-pandemic normalcy, a conundrum looms:  what to do about those who, for whatever reason, haven’t had a shot?

Striking the proper balance between public health and personal freedom, and figuring out whether one must be relinquished to protect the other, will become increasingly key as the country reopens and new variants lead to new surges this fall and winter.

For a growing number of jurisdictions and institutions, the solution is a vaccine passport, a document the bearer can show as proof of immunization against the coronavirus in order to be granted certain freedoms.

On the flip side, those who can’t produce such evidence because they wouldn’t get vaccinated could and should be denied access to work, businesses, flights, school, university dorms, and any large public gatherings, to name just a few potential inconveniences.

The raging Covid-19 pandemic reinforces the idea that our personal choices affect everybody around us.

Although you have a right to your own body, your choice to willfully be sick ends where another’s right to be healthy begins.

Freedom doesn’t mean “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.”

When we choose to live in a society, there are certain obligations, both moral and legal, to which we are bound.

You cannot inflict harm or infringe on the rights and liberties of those around you.

Your moral and legal obligations to the safety of others can even curtail combinations of your rights.

Even though consuming alcohol and driving are both legal activities, they are not legal when performed together.

Over 1,300 people die every year in Canada because people choose to exercise their “rights” inappropriately.

The exact same reasoning applies to vaccination.

There is no moral difference between a drunk driver and a willfully unvaccinated person.

Both are selfishly, recklessly, wilfully and knowingly putting the lives of everyone they encounter at risk.

Their behaviour endangers the health, safety and livelihood of the innocent bystanders who happen to have the misfortune of being in their path.

There is one and only one legitimate reason to skip a vaccine: being immunocompromised.

Everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated, in order to prevent the spread of disease.

This is a protection we demand even for our pet animals: kennels will turn your pet away if they aren’t properly vaccinated.

In Ontario, the law is that unless they have a valid exemption, children who attend primary or secondary school must be immunized against:

–  diphtheria
–  tetanus
–  polio
–  measles
–  mumps
–  rubella
–  meningitis (meningococcal disease)
–  whooping cough (pertussis)
–  chickenpox (varicella) – required for children born in 2010 or later

As a parent, you must:

–  provide proof of your child’s immunization, a “vaccine passport”, to your local public health unit
–  keep immunization information on that “vaccine passport” up to date

There are rules we all have to play by and responsibilities we have to live up to if we want to live in a society together.

No public or private school, workplace, event venue or other institution should allow a non-exempt, unvaccinated person through their doors.

A basic concern for the health and safety of others is the price it costs to participate in society.

Ethicists, privacy advocates and civil liberties groups have warned that such mandates might create a new two-tier society, benefiting those who have been vaccinated and ostracizing those who haven’t.

Well that it should.

A raging global pandemic that has brought the planet to a standstill is not the time for our leaders to be responding with slow, timid, incremental measures.

What apocalyptical scenario would it take for government to mandate universal vaccination and vaccine passports  –  a COVID death rate of 5%?…10%??

Strict mandates for vaccination and vaccine passports would have restored pre-pandemic normalcy already.

Leaders should grow a spine and lead, not just listen to the loudest, most strident voices.

It is inexcusable that society has reached this point.


  1. You keep calling it a vaccine. It is not a vaccine. Nothing like a vaccine. I got all my vaccines as did all my children. This is gene modification. Nothing more. Looks at stats canada deaths. Every year there are approximately 10,000 more deaths due to the increase in population. I check out each year from 2015 to 2020. Same same. The only difference is in all years except 2020, cause of deaths were from flu, influenza, pneumonia, heart attacks, etc. In 2020, none of that is listed. They just say we had all these deaths. It is normal that we have those many deaths every year. There are so many adverse reactions to this injection that there is no way i would allow it into my body or any of my family. There are more people dying of covid who have had both immunizations than people who are unvaccinated. I have done my homework. I don’t listen to the bullshit on mainline media.

    • Your “homework”gets an F, Bev.

      The Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy because they are not designed to alter or change your genes in any way.

      A gene is a basic unit of heredity and is a sequence of nucleotides in DNA that encodes the synthesis of a gene product, either RNA or protein.

      Messenger RNA, known as mRNA for short, is different from DNA.

      RNA stands for ribonucleic acid.

      DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid.

      DNA serves as the library of instructions to produce different proteins.

      When a cell wants to produce a protein, it uses the DNA to produce a copy of mRNA.

      That mRNA then serves as a blueprint for the protein that is built by the ribosomes in your cells.

      The DNA is in the nucleus of the cell.

      The ribosomes are not in the nucleus of the cell.

      The mRNA from a Covid-19 vaccine will not go into the nucleus but instead will simply go to the ribosomes, which in turn will manufacture the spike protein, which acts as the antigen for your immune system to react against..

      The mRNA does not alter your DNA:

      The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines are not gene therapy.

      Repeat, these vaccines are not gene therapy.

  2. I see Dr. Chow struck a cord with the vocal minority. Plain and simple, the unvaccinated is why this pandemic continues. The same whiners who protest lockdowns are the ones who cause lockdowns. The ones who scream about individual freedoms are actually imfringing on my freedoms. Your decisions have ramifications. Live with them. I also have news from those protesting. The new protests are going to come from the millions who are vaccinated . The silent majority will not remain silent for long. Great article Dr. Chow and agree with every word , for once.

  3. To Doctor Chow, I’m curious as to why your assuming all dissenting opinions against the covid Vax are from fringe sources? The inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology doctor Robert Malone is on record telling young adults and childrens that the vaccine side effects pose a greater risk than the danger covid presents.

    He’s also on record touting the dangers of a non-sterilizing vaccine delivered in the midst of a pandemic when the virus is most virulent and how this is sure to create variants.

    5 months ago your pro vaccine mandate was a better argument (if you so espouse an authoritarian ideology) but here we are now and this vaccine is waning by the day in effectiveness and breakthrough cases are the norm.

    Phyzer granted full FDA approval and yet they are still operating under EUA to ensure maximum profitability. Fauci has been wrong how many times now? The VAST majority of ICU patients have at least 3-4 co-morbidities and are vitamin D deficient, fat or old.
    Why is there no medical experts calling out obesity and no medical experts touting the importance of vitamin D?

    If the govt had recognized that natural immunity is more effective than the vaccine and given people a vaccine passport exemption for it people might trust them a little more. Instead all we hear is wear a mask, take your shot and hide under your bed.

    I know 0 people who got covid here but know 3 locally who’s lives were ruined by taking the shot, 2 are dead, both older and 1 middle aged with brain hemorrhage.

    Keep pushing your one-sided authoritve arguments and diminish any dissenting opinions and you’ll never change anyone’s mind

    • Re: your anecdotal harms and deaths locally from the COVID vaccine:

      Correlation is not causation

      Re: the purported self-declared “inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology” Robert Malone:

      Malone claims to be the inventor of mRNA vaccines, although credit for the distinction is more often given to later advancements by Katalin Karikó, and was ultimately the result of the contributions of hundreds of researchers, of which Malone was but one.

      Dr. Katalin Kariko, a University of Pennsylvania professor and her close collaborator, Dr. Drew Weissman, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania, laid the foundation for the stunningly successful mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

      “Kati” Kariko, a biochemist, had been working on mRNA technology since the 1980s and submitted her first grant application in which she proposed to establish mRNA-based gene therapy. Ever since, mRNA-based therapy has been Karikó’s primary research interest. She is now a senior vice-president in BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals.

      Karikó says she never told anyone that she is the inventor of mRNA vaccines and that “many many scientists” contributed to their success.

      “I have never claimed more than discovering a way to make RNA less inflammatory.”

      She said that Robert Malone referred to himself as her “mentor” and “coach,” though she says they never met in person, until 1997, when he invited her to give a talk.

      It’s Malone, according to Karikó, who has been overstating his accomplishments.

      There are “hundreds of scientists who contributed more to mRNA vaccines than he did.”

      Malone may keep company with vaccine skeptics, but he insists he is not one himself.

      His objections to the Pfizer and Moderna shots have to do mostly with their expedited approval process and with the government’s system for tracking adverse reactions.

      Speaking as a doctor, he says he would probably recommend their use only for those at highest risk from COVID-19.

      Malone is not a subscriber to the more out-there conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19 vaccines—he doesn’t, for instance, think Bill Gates has snuck microchips into syringes—and he pushes back when hosts like Tucker Carlson or Glenn Beck drift into more ludicrous territory.

      And yet he does routinely slip into speculation that turns out to be misleading or, as in the segment on Bannon’s show, plainly false.

      For instance, he recently tweeted that, according to an unnamed “Israeli scientist,” Pfizer and the Israeli government have an agreement not to release information about adverse effects for 10 years, which is hard to believe given that the country’s health ministry has already warned of a link between the Pfizer shot and rare cases of myocarditis.

      Malone’s LinkedIn account has twice been suspended for spreading misinformation.

      Vaccine scientists and biotech consultants, suggested by Malone himself, paint a portrait of Malone as an insightful researcher who can be impulsive, headstrong, unethical and difficult.

      They relate accounts of him, pre-pandemic, getting booted from projects because he was hard to communicate with and unwilling to compromise. (Malone has acknowledged his penchant for butting heads with fellow scientists.)

      And they are taken aback by his emergence as a vaccine skeptic.

      One called his eagerness to appear on less-than-reputable podcasts “naive,” while another said he thought Malone’s public rhetoric had “migrated from extrapolated assertions to sensational misinformation.”

      It’s only in the curious world of fringe media that Malone has found the platform, and the recognition, he’s sought for so long.

      He talks to hosts who aren’t going to question whether he’s the brains behind the Pfizer and Moderna shots.

      They’re not going to quibble over whether credit should be shared with co-authors, or talk about how science is like a relay race, or point out that, absent the hard work of brilliant researchers who came before and after Malone, there would be no vaccine.

      He’s an upgrade over their typical guest list of chiropractors and naturopaths, and they’re perfectly happy to address him by the title he believes he’s earned: inventor of the mRNA vaccines.

      No matter how nuanced Malone might try to be, or how many qualifiers he appends to his opinions, he is egging on vaccine refusal at a time when hospitals in the least-vaccinated parts of the country are struggling to cope with an influx of new COVID-19 patients.

  4. When other countries such as Denmark reached a vaccination rate of 70% they removed ALL covid restrictions with the exception of immigration and border controls – but that’s common sense.
    According to Canada’s federal government our national vaccination rate is at 74% overall and over 83% for children under 12. Yet there’s no benchmark set, no promises, no light at the end of the tunnel – just more Orwellesque measures and threats.
    Our covid “cases” which have still not been clarified statistically, there’s still a veil of secrecy.
    So what’s our next step? Why still threats and lack of transparency from those that hold all the power?
    As a doctor, Chow should know very well that it’s comparing the SARS-CoV2 vaccines to the above mentioned vaccines is a false comparison. Many of those vaccines were developed and tested over decades. The chicken pox vaccine alone was tested and reviewed over 14 years.
    People simply don’t trust rushed vaccines, from big pharma companies with dubious and unethical histories during a period of secrecy, control, & lack of transparency.
    Now let’s sit back, grab some popcorn as we watch Chow respond and detail how uninformed I am because I express a validated opinion that may counter his.

  5. Let’s have a real debate then, the media’s experts against the opposing side experts, why is one side getting media coverage while the other side is called misinformation, the opposing side has professionals who have been studying viruses for over 30 plus years, many are immunologists with over 30 years experience!!!! Why are they being silenced!!!

      • There have been organized protests against these vaccines and pandemic methodology by various kinds of doctors & nurses across North America – the ones that everyone calls experts. They’ve gotten zero media attention.
        Believe it or not, the scientific community is NOT in agreement.
        The CDC recently even brought attention to the damaging effects of misinformation through inaccurate reporting with inflated figures by the MMOs.

        • The “medical professionals” (two nurses dismissed from their jobs months ago) leading the ant-vaccine movement in Canada travelled to Washington DC on January 6th to participate in the Capitol insurrection. That should tell you all you need to know about their expertise.

          • Nope, not even close. You’re picking & choosing your example to suit an agenda. There have been marches and protests with many people in Toronto alone.
            Since you mentioned YouTube, there are many many videos with virologists, MDs, RNs, RPNs, etc who do not support current methodology with precise validated examples.

          • There was no insurrection on January 6, 2021. Not one person arrested had a firearm or weapon.
            Your ignorance is astounding.
            The vaccine does not cure Covid as you , and other vaccine proponents, seem to think.

    • 50 years ago, the tobacco industry found fringe doctors, even fringe lung specialists to testify, for significant amounts of money, and against the overwhelming weight of medical evidence, that cigarette smoking didn’t have any connection to lung cancer.

      Big Oil continues to find and trot out fringe scientists, even fringe climate scientists who will deny any connection from human fossil fuel use and climate change.

      You can even find doctors and scientists who actually believe in QAnon.

      There is no equivalency between fringe doctors and even the odd fringe immunologist espousing antivax misinformation and Medical Science that has done clinical trials on COVID vaccines involving hundreds of thousands of patients, studies peer-reviewed in dozens of respected medical journals, on vaccines that have already been safely administered to hundreds of millions of people.

      Absolutely no equivalency.

      • Umm 50 years ago there were more than just a few “fringe doctors” advocating the benefits of tobacco. Many more, and mainstream doctors.
        Now, I understand you’re an MD but since you do seem to profess expert knowledge in the area of virology and immunology (and regular MDs agree they are not) please do outline what sets your apart from the throngs of other MDs in those fields including additional specialty training/education (not self guided) that you have received.
        Understanding my post-graduate degree in forensics allows me more insight and better understanding than the layperson, I also acknowledge this does not an expert make, far from it.

      • You had your say. Now stay quiet.
        BTW there is no such thing as global warming caused by humans. It is all supposition based on models that aren’t based in actual science. We know this, maybe you don’t, but we know this because it was proven to be a hoax. As a supposedly educated person you’re pretty stupid to believe a hoax.

        • Logic 101 by Elon Musk is the 21st Century’s version of Pascal’s Wager.

          Elon Musk, who I am certain is smarter and has a clearer vision of the future than most of us, and certainly smarter than you by multiple orders of magnitude, in Sept. 2019, described Greta Thunberg as “a 16 year old who has better reasoning and more heart than the vast majority of political leaders.”

          He elaborated:

          Climate change is the biggest threat that Humanity faces this century.

          I keep telling people this.

          I hate to be Cassandra here, but it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a fucking eye.

          This view of climate change is shared by almost everyone who’s not crazy in the scientific community.

          If you go 20, 30, 50 years in the future, what do you say to your kids or your grandkids?

          It’s almost, like, scientists have all said that these bad things are going to happen, it’s, like 97%.

          So, to say to your kids or grandkids, like, ‘Did nobody tell you?’

          No, everyone was telling us. ‘

          So why didn’t you do anything?’

          What’s the answer?

          I think it’s very important that we act, urgently, much more urgently than we are doing.”

          Basic logic:

          If the world fails to act, and climate-change deniers are wrong, the planet will be toast.

          If, on the other hand, the world takes urgent and massive action, and all the climate-change scientists are wrong, the world will simply be a cleaner, more sustainable place.

          The world will run out of fossil fuels eventually anyway….they aren’t making any new dead dinosaurs anytime soon…..we need to find new clean alternative sources of energy.

          Why not do it now, as quickly as we can? ……and while doing so, just possibly, save civilization as we know it.”

      • With over 85% first dosed and people that have had covid and the admittance that the vaxed can still get covid and still die from covid how is a vax passport going to stop the spread ? Still the fact remains most of the deaths are in 80 plus with a life expectancy in Canada of 81.5 and compromised immune systems . So you chose to lock people out of work to force the vax issue and take away there freedoms bankrupt business and families for something that may or may not work .and the partially vaxed and fully vaxed numbers reported on mainstream media sure seem to catching up to the unvaxed numbers when they changed the system to unvaxed or unknown status so just how will the passport kill covid again 3rd 4th 5 shot.

        • I don’t think people over 80 should be considered expendable. If you reach 80 your chances for reaching 90 or even 100 are pretty good and getting better every year.

          No vaccine is perfect.

          The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are 93.7% effective against the original COVID-19 alpha variant and 88% effective against the delta variant.

          Efficacy declines 6% per month after the last dose, which is why third doses will be soon needed.

          Fully vaccinated people are much less likely to get infected and if they do, are much less likely to suffer severe disease or death.

          The rationale for mandating the unvaccinated to get vaccinated:

          – to protect the unvaccinated from severe disease and death and Long Covid (up to 10% of cases of infection will end up with Long Covid/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome lasting a median of 7 years)

          – to facilitate the end of restrictions in education, the economy and society in general – the sooner we reach herd immunity by vaccination, the sooner the return to normalcy

          – the unvaccinated act as a reservoir for the virus, allowing it to circulate, propagate and mutate creating new variants that could be more transmissible, more lethal and more resistant to treatments and vaccines

          – protection of the vaccinated from infection by the non-vaccinated is not the main concern, as the chances of infection in the fully vaccinated leading to hospitalization, severe disease or death, although not zero, are extremely unlikely

          The way out of the pandemic is through herd immunity through vaccination.

          Vaccine passports are intended to inconvenience the unvaccinated enough to push them to get vaccinated.

          The sooner we get more people fully vaccinated, the sooner we get back to normal.

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