Resident frustrated with downtown mess, City’s lack of response

Garbage sits outside a home, in plain view of tourists who drive by Albert and Tancred on their way off the bridge. - reader submitted

A trip by some homes in the city would make you wonder if the dump was located in their front yard, or if property standards were just slipping in Sault Ste. Marie in general.

That is the case on the corner of Albert Street, East and Tancred according to local resident Christine.

She has been dealing with the City for a mess in a yard on that corner for going on a year, and sometimes it’s better, but right now it’s really bad, she tells SaultOnline.

“It has gotten worse since I took the photo, there have been several different local folks stopping by at all hours of the day and night picking through the garbage taking what they want as if it was a garage sale,” says Christine. “The door and door frame have been kicked in, so the door no longer stays closed.”

When she reached out to the city she was allegedly told, “as long as the taxes are being paid on the property by the owner, that there was nothing that could be done.”

Christine went on to tell us that she has forwarded her complaint, including the picture, to the city with regards to the by-laws as well as her local MP.  To date, she has yet to receive a response from either party.

SaultOnline has also reached out to the City for comment on this situation and have had no response so far.

If you follow her post on social media, you will find that this isn’t an isolated incident in Sault Ste. Marie. This property has a history of deaths and substance abuse issues which she has grown tired of.

“This type of behaviour has been common place for the dwelling. The Police have been contacted many times by local homeowners and businesses in this area. Everyone either turns a blind eye at City Hall or passes the buck.”

As a newer resident to Sault Ste. Marie, she has brought with her a suggestion, one which seemed to work well in her previous hometown of Peterborough.

“We too suffered a crippling year of “Tent City” where we had a huge spike in homelessness due to closure of our biggest shelter. We got on this problem immediately through a board of directors who worked diligently with the police city officials and mental health,” she suggested. “Clean up your act Sault. Make the person(s)/company responsibility for not only cleaning up the property but bring it up to code. Charge fair market value. Perhaps a Co-Op where a governing body of people can take pride in home ownership.”

It is unclear what the next steps for the property are, but we will continue to bring coverage for any unfolding events.



  1. As reported above; the mayor and council are not in it for us, they are selfish and could give two flying….you know whats about the public. The downtown area has many terrible areas where garbage is left in yards clearly visible to the passing public and nothing is done about it. If someone were to throw a dozen open bags of garbage on the lawn in the yard next to the Mayors home, it would be removed within minutes and a fine issued. Thank God mayor and council will be gone in the not to distant future…..

  2. It’s time to clean out city hall and start fresh with a new mayor and council, these ones are failing miserably and the town will remain a dying place that is always on the verge of bankruptcy, mostly thanks to the out of control rogue mayor.

  3. This city is run by bleeding heart Liberals – they won’t go after people about this. We need to get order in this city before it is too late. I don’t venture to the Albert, Queen downtown area as it’s getting pretty disgusting.

  4. There is a by law officer recently appointed here and he’s been busy with complaints of garbage decrepit houses etc. There is no reason why this particular house can’t be cleaned up. Landlords are normally responsible. Ron

  5. They want to build a multi-million dollar plaza in the downtown area. They need to clean up the downtown first. Take a drive along Albert Street. There are some houses that the owners are taking very good care of. There are a lot more though that are literally falling apart. I have driven down Albert Street at night and I am not sure I would want to walk the area. I know people that attend businesses in the downtown during the day that are afraid to walk around. I know more than one senior that have expressed concern about walking from the rear parking lots to a business on Queen and having to walk around people that are obviously under the influence or passed out. As long as the downtown is like that nothing is going to prosper there.

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