Sault College stands by vaccination policy

Sault College Main Building

Multiple individuals reached out to SaultOnline yesterday to state that their loved ones were having to pay $40 twice a week for a negative COVID test to attend the college.

The concerns seem to centre around the perception that students are being asked to do this but it appears that staff, in this moment, are not being required to do so until October.

SaultOnline was also informed that there were significantly fewer lines of students waiting to get tests done at Shoppers Drug Mart so that they would be able to attend classes.

Our reporter reached out to Sault College in an attempt to clarify this discrepancy.  The response received is as follows.

“Thank you for your inquiry. Sault College’s vaccination policy came into effect September 7, 2021. The policy applies to anyone accessing campus, including both staff and students,” said College spokesperson Rachel MacDonald. “Any individual entering College properties must comply with the policy as outlined. As part of this policy, those who are not fully vaccinated are required to provide a negative test result taken within 72 hours of accessing campus.”

The full policy can be found on their website here – Covid-19 Updates (

If you are having issues in the community, COVID-related or otherwise, feel free to reach out and we will do our best to address them.


  1. The “Leadership” or lack thereof with Sault College starts from the top and runs downstream rapidly, now more evident than ever since implementing their “Vaccine Policy”.

    How is being at work or school with masking and distancing measures in place regardless of being vaccinated or not, any different from going to Walmart or Home Depot or the grocery store? How is it any different than the previous 16 months that these measures have been in place?

    The pain and suffering this Government is causing to the entire country is and will be it’s demise. They are dividing us with propaganda and fear, yet say the vaccine works, what is the worry then if you’re vaccinated? If masking works in tandem with the vaccine, then wear a mask and continue to social distance.

    How is it that only those vaccinated will be allowed into “non-essential” businesses and will still have to wear a mask and social distance? Are we not doing that now? Where does the arbitrary date being imposed, come from?

    At some point in the future, there will be more people than not who will realize how badly this entire exercise has been handled. Unfortunately, the result will have already been realized and accountability will not be provided, nor demanded.

    Our history has always been to say “thank you” without question. Land of the meek and mild whenever someone with a title or
    supposed reference to knowledge stands up and says “”trust me, I know what I’m doing”.

    For the record, I am neither for nor against the vaccine. I believe in the rights and
    freedoms that have been fought for, affording each of us the opportunity to be free to make individual choices without the fear of reprisal.

    One simply needs to avert YouTube, IG and Facebook exercising the freedom of query. Within the realm of government websites are the answers which allow one to formulate a clear understanding of what is factual, or not. The data is there. All one needs to do is understand what it is saying.

    Attacking those who perhaps have already done this for themselves is characteristic of ignorance among the flock. You lead, we’ll follow mentality.

    Just because something is commonly accepted, does not mean it’s the right thing to do.

    Empathy and compassion and a genuine desire to listen to an opposing view will allow all of us, vaccinated or not, to move toward a society that is inclusive of all those within it. We aren’t where we are as a civilized free country because it was easy. Canada exists because the choices made were hard choices, and they were not the always the consensus.

    History has always favoured the fringes, those willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of everyone. Never dismiss those with the conviction and will, to go all the way for something they believe in.

    Darker days await…..

    • And the Academy Award for the best dramatic performance goes to…

      You’ve got it completely backwards. These anti-vaxers and anti-maskers are not willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of everyone.. That’s the reason that this continues. In a civilized country people are willing to sacrifice a little convenience for the common good.

  2. The virtue signaling from individuals that chose to vaccinate is one of the most disappointing things I have ever witnessed. The above statements are so out of touch with reality; that it saddens me to see the lack of trust and kindness extended to people that are suffering. No compassion only judgment, and getting should all over.

  3. If you choose not to get vaccinated then you chose to pay 80 dollars a week.

    Get your shot like a functioning adult and safe yourself 2500 bucks this year. That’s a lot of beer money for a “starving student”.

    • You’d think that those pursuing higher education would be people who trusted science and rational, critical thinking to get the shot for a better reason than just to save money.

      “My body, my choice” shouldn’t end there. It should finish with “to accept the consequences”, that’s all this boils down to.

      And dare I add that all these people standing on their soapboxes are walking around with that MMR shot in them. How’s that immunity from Polio helping you these days? Tetanus? Oh, never had it? There’s a reason why!!

      • Amy, will you ever budge? Will it be too much when you’re taking booster 8 or 9 to keep your civil rights, and you’re installing the Canada Track app to take selfies to make sure you’re in lockdown every 15 minutes? Or is that going to be ok too, to “flatten the curve”?

        It’s a flu. COVID is here to stay. It’s endemic. Get a grip.

        • Steve, Look up the words you’re using before commenting them. Endemic isn’t the word you were looking for. This is a world-wide problem. Or wait, do you actually believe the every single government (save for N Korea) is colluding with each other to stamp out the little guy with this ‘bogus’ health crisis.

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