Sault Riding Too Close to Call


With 180 out of 184 polls reporting results at this time (97.83%) in the Sault Electorial District, the race between Liberal candidate Terry Sheehan (incumbent) and Conservative candidate Sonny Spina is a mere 41 votes apart with Sheehan in the lead.

According to Elections Canada, 38,114 votes have been counted so far from 66,121 of registered elector’s (57.64%). As of the publishing of this story, there are 4 polls yet to report results.

Sault Ste. Marie

Party Candidate Votes Percent of Votes
People’s Party – PPC Kasper Makowski 1,865 4.9 %
NDP-New Democratic Party Marie Morin-Strom 7,666 20.1 %
Liberal Terry Sheehan 14,312 37.6 %
Conservative Sonny Spina 14,271 37.4 %
Total number of valid votes: 38,114

Voter Turnout: 38,114 of 66,121 registered electors (57.64 %) — does not include electors who registered on election day.

Population: 80,371
Number of electors on list: 66,121


In the Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing electorial district, NDP incumbent Carol Huges was re-elected after securing 15,272 votes (39.7%) with 219 out of 220 polls having reported results (99.55%).

Party Candidate Votes Percent of Votes
Christian Heritage Party Clarence Baarda 269 0.7 %
NDP-New Democratic Party Carol Hughes 15,272 39.7 %
People’s Party – PPC Harry Jaaskelainen 2,854 7.4 %
Liberal Duke Peltier 8,478 22.0 %
Conservative John Sagman 10,893 28.3 %
Green Party Stephen Zimmermann 702 1.8 %
Total number of valid votes: 38,468

Voter Turnout: 38,468 of 66,487 registered electors (57.86 %) — does not include electors who registered on election day.

Population: 79,483
Number of electors on list: 66,487

Elections Canada is now focused on counting and verifying hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots from across the country after approximately 1 million mail-in kits were requested by eligible voters. The verification process is intended to ensure that any eligible voter who cast their vote by mail-in ballot did not cast additional votes using other methods such as at a polling station.

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  1. Jenn, I couldn’t have said it any better!!!! I would have added that it has been the libs dividing our country ie. Vaxpass(only some people can eat at a restaurant or take a plane or train …..for the hesitant??????) , ,,,calling canadians names like racist etc.. if you question them,,,,, a party that doesn’t answer questions they don’t like,,,,,a party that doesn’t think our financial situation is important right now( spending 424 million a day),,,,,, a party that will raise gas prices to infinity and beyond,,,,,,,the list could go on,….congrats Canada this is what you get!!!!!!!! This is what you voted for……poor Canada!!!!!

  2. Sheehan voted for a reduction in sentences for violent crimes.
    Voted against stiffer penalties and mandatory minimum sentences for crimes committed with illegally owned & smuggled guns.
    Sheehan voted against a bill that would have created transparency with Canada’s climate change goals (and to keep the escalator carbon tax).
    Voted against bills that would have helped Canadian farmers reduce costs which would have made food cheaper for us.
    Sheehan advocated for SSM to be a refugee & immigration hub when we already don’t have the careers, doctors & resources to sustain existing residents.
    On top of those things his party failed to take covid precautions & protections, failed to secure vaccines, created conditions that lead to the highest inflation in decades which is leading toward dangerous hyperinflation, far more scandals, control & muzzling than even Harper.
    Yet still so much support from Sault Ste Marie?]
    Guess we should sit back & enjoy the rot as our economy continues to deteriorate, jobs leave Canada, covid continues to overtake our lives, crime continues to spiral out of control and opioid overdoses grow.
    Good on you SSM & Canada.

    • Agreed ++. Very well put. As I understand, we still have some mail-in votes to count from this and other ridings. I don’t know how much difference that will make, nationally, but if this race between Sheehan and Spina remains this close, I’d be asking for a recount if I were Sonny Spina.

    • it is called democracy Jenn Dipascali so live with it. Of course we encourage you to put your name on the ballot in the next election so you can share your views with like minded individuals.

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